His current Mii
NNID NintendoMarty
Age Unknown
Joined 11/29/2012
Community Varies.
Followers 57,914+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

Hi, I'm Marty from Nintendo of Europe.

—Marty's Profile Comment

Marty is a verified user on Miiverse, and has a wide range of popularity due to him being on Miiverse since the start and formerly announcing updates, which happened before Erika and Chris took over. He is currently following 23 users, and has 9 Friends.

About Marty

Marty is a somewhat respected, and hated man. Users mainly dislike him for announcing the 3 minute post restriction. Many users were annoyed by this.

Other users, however, liked the update, and said it will stop spamming and that it helps Miiverse, and therefore defended Marty from the rant. He later told users in another post that it has gone down to 2 minutes.

He has lost many followers due to past updates on Miiverse, as well as the lack of posts.

Verified Users:

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