NNID s.mario365
Age Unknown
Joined April 5th 2013
Community Wii Fit U Community
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown
Marth (NNID: s.mario365) is an artist on Miiverse. He shipped himself with Lucina for a short time, until Robin got annoyed by how Lucina will never marry a guy who always yells. He uses Pixel Paint and Art Academy for most of his drawings. He is the leader of the Smash Clan and Emblem Heroes.


He joined Miiverse on April 5th, 2013. He had no idea what to do, so he posted random posts in the Nintendo Land Community. His name was "s.mario365" which later became his NNID for all of his accounts he has ever made.

He and Vyren had an RP that became well-known, called the Vyren and X-mas Link RP.


WiiU !screenshot TV 0144F

His current Mii, along with his smash bros message taunts.

  • His most amount of followers is +500.
  • Fire Emblem is his favourite JRPG game.
  • He has been a gamer ever since he was 2 years old.
  • He got console banned.
  • Yarne made him a new Miiverse account as in June 6, 2015. Yarne ilysm
  • His new main for posting on Miiverse is s.mario365Return
  • Id (Purpose) is his life
  • He was considered to be a member of the shepherds because of his activity in Lucina's "Shepherds' posts" one of them can be shown here.
  • His NNID no longer exists

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