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Marioman57 is a user that has been console banned. He would frequently make posts containing profanity, sexually explicit content, and anything else inappropriate. One of his posts is "Prepare the mega fuckatron!".

He had a total of 9 accounts, all of which have been permanently banned (thanks to his console ban). The date he made his last post is 02/16/15.

Before leaving Miiverse

When he was active or had returned from a ban, the community would go insane at his return. Some people ended up being on his side and assisting in his crude posts, while the others protested his violations against the Miiverse Code of Conduct and about how "overrated" Marioman57 was. Boi


Copy-cats of Marioman57 have popped up since his console ban; however, all were either revealed as false, or were immediately banned (temporarily, permanently, or console banned).

Pulling a Marioman57

Pulling a Marioman57 is the act of swearing and using profanity in an attempt to get banned, whether it be temporarily, permanently, or console banned. This is usually used as a mode of attention seeking. There has been several variations of this act. There was a 75namoiram (which is where the words are backwards), a Spanish mm57, and a pg mm57.

Saying Project M is also considered pulling a Marioman57, because the admins generally delete these posts. Since Project M is a hack, the admins will delete any posts mentioning it because the admins classify the mentioning of hacks or mods as "criminal activity."


  • There used to be a clone called Luigiman57, he has not been active for a long time.
  • Marioman57 is usually very calm in LMR chat, compared to his reputation on Miiverse.
  • A user once impersonated Marioman57 on LMR, with the user name "Marioman577", however, everyone could tell he was fake.
  • Marioman57 has a YouTube channel known as Marioman574 where he uploads remixes of video game music made in FL Studio. This channel has a mascot, which is a Minecraft skin of Sonic in a Mario outfit. He acts nothing like he did on Miiverse on YouTube.
  • Marioman57 has said on LMR Chat that "i never thought i would become famous."