Your meow right now would sound like music to me.

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NNID Mapelle
Age 23
Joined 12/26/13
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Mirai DX Community
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SO N3ds
Birthday 03/03/1995
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Mapelle/Miranda is a Miiverse user who joined around late 2013. She goes by 'Mir' on Miiverse, and Mapelle everywhere else. She is barely active on her alt account, but when she does use it she can be seen on the YouTube and Miku Hatsune: Project Mirai DX communities. She is an active LMR user (albeit via phone) and can be seen almost daily. Rumor has it she has a main Miiverse account she refuses to tell LMR about. It is not revealed why or what the name is.


Miranda is a Japanese college student who just happened to get a Wii U around around the time she joined Miiverse under the name of 'Mapelle'. She never actually got that excited over Miiverse or the Wii U in general until she came to Le Miiverse Resource Wiki on August 3rd, 2015, where she found something new to complain about on Miiverse, thus, her interest peaked in the Social Media platform.

Her LMR account can be found here.

Mapelle Lore

Hey that's pretty gay.


A cruel and naughty mistress, Miranda is a petite young woman who seems to have a compulsive interest in Miiverse memes. Even if she knows they're bad news, she doesn't hesitate to partake in Miimemes and meme sessions. One day, it had hit her and her miserable life that she needed to do something with her meme addiction, to prove to everyone that it wasn't just a phase, so she joined LMR to meme it up with the kool kids krew. She then sacrificed a boy named 'Radmin' to the Pepe gods and become a meme master, damned to meme in LMR for the rest of her life.



  • As of February 6th, 2016, Mapelle and Akane broke up. ;-;
  • Mapelle is known for being sarcastically cruel and bitter.
  • Mapelle is ROB main until the end of her days.
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