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Mama Luigi (from Super Mario World, not Super Mario Logan) is Luigi 's alter ego, and is considered the best meme of all time and the winner of #1 meme award by Perico AKA the ,#1 Luigi and Mama Luigi fan. He starred at the Super Mario World cartoon as himself, Mama Luigi. Mama Luigi is a popular meme on Miiverse.

Notable Appereances


Was it a stone or a football? It still remains to be known.

After his debut in chapter 13 of the Super Mario World series "Mama Luigi" became very well known around the internet. Later on, his populartity increased due to the YTPs that began to appear and so he became the Lord we all know and love. His most famous lines are "That's Mama Luigi to you Mario!" and "It's a Football, I chiseled it!" But there are many more quotes that make our lord Mama Luigi as glorious as he is.


On May 9th, 2015, A Mama Luigi movie was announced with a fantastic trailer. The movie is due to release Christmas 2015 and the cast members are Mario, Yoshi, Monsieur Turtle Bits, Harrison Ford and Mama Luigi.
Mama Luigi- The Movie Trailer02:05

Mama Luigi- The Movie Trailer

Trailer for the upcoming movie.

Smash Bros

Mama Luigi was also a popular request for the Super Smash Bros franchise.

On July 12th, 2015 the dream came true, as Nintendo and the game's cast uploaded a new trailer for the Super Smash Brothers. for Wii U / Nintendo 3DS installemment of the series:

Wii U】 Bedtime Battling!01:16

Wii U】 Bedtime Battling!

Trailer for Mama Luigi in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U / Nintendo 3DS.

Sakurai declared he worked really hard to make this happen, and he is proud thaat Mama Luigi didn't end up being another lame clone.

The news were recieved in generally a positive way from the fans. Many were skeptical as the Mario franchise had already 7 characters in the game, but most of them understood it's Mama Luigi, too awesome for not being in, and remember it's Mama Luigi, and when it's Mama Luigi is when we are talking.

Super smash bros wii u 3ds joins the battle temp by kyon000-d6wos6k

Mama Luigi's Splash Card in his Super Smash Bros trailer.

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