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MLG (Major League Gaming) was formerly a very popular internet meme. It is usually referred to other users to display the amount of skill they possess. There are many other aspects and memes that are associated with MLG, and it shares a great amount of fun factor to it. Usually, users refer to these to imply that they have much more skill than any other person. (sample text)  It has became sort of online fad and meme signing the internet and Miiverse. Many different sound effects and memes have originated from MLG.

MLG Memes


Some popular users, such as John and Undead , have popularized quick-scoping on Miiverse. There is not much to be said, other than when one posts about quick-scoping, that means there is a recipient to be quick-scoped.


Similar to quick-scoping, no-scoping is an art performed by users that have a detrimental amount of skill. They can head-shot a user without needing the use of their scope, hence the term: No-Scope.


Doritos are chips that are heavily endorsed by the MLG community. It is stated that whoever consumes these, with the help of another specified product, one would retain that amount of skill. When a user refers to MLG, they enjoy adding this in their context. This is also because of the yearly "Dew and Doritos" promotion with Activision's Call of Duty series. Some of the flavors include Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch.

Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew is a beverage that is heavily endorsed by the MLG community. This is the refreshment alongside the Doritos, to retain the maximum amount of skill to perform an outstanding amount of Quick-Scopes and No-Scopes. There is many flavors like; Normal, Code Red, Voltage, and White Out.

Wombo Combo

Wombo Combo comes from a "Super Smash Bros. Melee" team tournament video posted in 2008, in which, two players perform an impressive combo, the room is then filled with screams and people saying "Wombo Combo!!".

Curiously, Wombo Combo is the name of the pizza ordered at the tournament.

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