Lumanator's current Mii
NNID Lumanator
Age 15
Joined Late December 2014
Community New Super Luigi U Community

Wii Sports Club Community

Followers 693
System(s) owned SO Wiiu SO N3ds
Birthday December 10
Alts Unknown

Just your typical Loofa.

—Lumanator's Miiverse Profile Description

Lumanator (also known as Loofanator by some users) is a user on Miiverse. Lumanator is just another user on Miiverse and LMR. He posts anything as long as his account lives. He usually posts some nonsense just like any other users. He frequently posts in the NSLU and, occasionally, the Brazil Community.

As of November 7, 2017, he has 3,213 posts, 14,733 yeahs, 693 followers, and is following 820 users. His last post was "Last post on Miiverse, I will not miss any of you."


Before Miiverse

Lumanator was just your average Joe 13 year old. Upon hearing about Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros, he wanted to get a Wii U. The average Joe Lum, having heard about games for a console he never heard about, has been wishing for the console every second of every minute of every hour.

In the night of Christmas 2014, 13 year old Lumanator finally got his Wii U. His internet was disabled at the time so he didn't sign up for a NNID. He tooked that time to try out his new system. Few days later, the internet reactivated which allowed him to sign up for Nintendo's current online service. Now this is where his life gets flipped turned upside-down.

The Ride Begins

Now this is where his life gets flipped turned upside-down. Upon signing up for the service, Lumanator discovered Miiverse. He was a regular in a few gaming communities of the game that he owned. Lumanator received his first admin notification when he mentioned that Luigi Bros. was a rom hack of Mario Bros. in the Super Mario 3D World community. Browsing through some posts, he saw a mention of the formerly off-topic Wii Fit U community. He was against the off-topicness of the community at first, but then later slowly adjusted into it.

To LMR, he goes (out of curiosity)

On a certain day in March 2015ish (?), he saw a post mentioning LMR. Out of curiosity, he decided to go and search it up. Luma look into there and got banned for not sharing his NNID (at the time there was a rule against not sharing NNIDs). He then went and complain about it on Miiverse. The next time he visited, he shared his NNID and was let in. It was all just slow adjustment to the memes at that point.

The Downfall (aka Scarf Heroes)

One day, he discovered that a wikia named "Scarf Heroes" was raided by some users. Out of curiosity, he decided to take a look into the wiki. Surprised by how "welcoming" they are at the time, he decided to visit there more and more, being oblivious to what Joey actually done behind everyone's back. Unfortunately, Lumanator decided to join Scarf Heroes to that is when his life starts to become worse than a smelly trashbag. He was involved into some drama, yet the unstable (at the time) Lumanator still stood in the group apparently. He even went as far as to tattle on LMR users for Joey. That is a dark period where he stopped memeing and cared more about "caring for others"

The Re-rise of the Stupid Memer

Lumanator was doing Scarf Heroes things when he saw that two closest friends were involved in drama by the Scarf Heroes. Seeing that they weren't the ones who started it but rather Joey did, he slowly starts to become weary of him. Fast forward to Feburary 2016, he had enough with their actions and left, but nicely and "promised" he would stay loyal to them. Then he went against them few times, became center of a few Scarf Heroes drama, and blocked. Lumanator then made his return back to LMR and became a full-time memer again. Guess it was all happy endings again. Maybe... maybe. No, I guess you wouldn't agree.

TL;DR Version

Lumanator got a Wii U, discovered Miiverse, discovered Wii Fit U community's off-topic nature (at the time), discovered LMR through some Miiverse posts, visited LMR only to get kicked just for refusing to give his NNID, gave his NNID on the next visit. Lumanator then got curious about Scarf Heroes, visits to get a comforting intro, made a terrible mistake of joining, have to be involved in drama, went as far as to tattle on LMR users, discover Scarf Hero's true motive for "caring for others", went against them, got blocked, and risen up as a memer again. There's your TL;DR version of this thing.


  • Lumanator once had a generic Mii that look like... cringe
  • Lumanator received his first ban on November 14, 2016, but was, strangely, unbanned shortly after he got it.
  • Luma365 is his original name before being simplified to Lumanator.
  • Before both of them, there was a earlier nickname he has which are "ThePoopooMan".and "C00l3ng1n33r". He cringes if you mention the latter.
  • He now just looks over the wiki occasionally, seeing what happens as he binges over his Discord account.
  • He often tries to be neutral in any situation.