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Jonathan's mii
NNID Luiginator4000
Age 16
Joined Around February 2013
Community Super Smash Bros. Series community
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO Wiiu Wii U

SO N3ds 3DS

Birthday April 19th
Alts Slashmanwannabe Searchmanwannabe IAMDOCTAHWAHWEE Freecereal Luiginatorisback

I hate everyone.

—Jonathan's profile comment

In the beginning

Luiginator4000/Jonathan is a user on Miiverse who is currently console banned. He was your average Smasher/troll, as he usually liked to start flame wars by saying things like "Sony > Nintendo" or "I'd rather break my face than play SSB4." This is mainly to mock the fact that most Miiverse users (at the time) reacted very harshly to people with different opinions from them. He is a crappy artist and even admits this most of the time. He very rarely ever false reports, only sometimes when he is extremely pissed with another user. He thinks the Miiverse Administrators are bots and tries to work his way around the AI (AKA: trying to break the rules but at the same time, not get an admin notification from it). However, this led to his first permanent ban, and after 2 other permanent bans on his alts, he has been console banned from Miiverse. He hadn't found out about LMR until literally 6 months after his console ban.

His LMR profile can be found here.

His Return to Miiverse

He returned using an alt with the NNID Luiginatorisback. His Miiverse profile can be found here, although he's barely active anymore.

He no longer spams bad character requests or tries to start flame wars. He usually likes to make humorous posts/comments. He still believes the Miiverse Administrators are bots, yet he is careful with what he posts to avoid admin notifications.


  • Has a lot of alts. Most of them are secret.
  • Despite rarely false-reporting on Miiverse (as seen above), he used to false-report a huge chunk of players on SSB4. Mainly noobs, spammers, salty users, and tryhards being aggressive while he's trying to "be friendly" on For Fun servers. (usually kicks their ass in retaliation)
  • He thinks most First Person Shooters are very boring. The only First Person shooters he enjoys are Team Fortress 2, the Counter-Strike series, and Half-Life.
  • He thinks Super Smash Bros. Melee and Mega Man 2 are overrated.
  • He once started a short-lived meme in the Smash community which involved many users saying vulgar words in reverse. Unfortunately, the administrators were able to read backwards.
  • He hates Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS because of what it did to his SD Card. You can find the reason in this thread.