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1s7268blzvu2m normal face

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NNID Unknown
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Community Wii Fit U
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

LuciMAYBE is a clone of the users LuciNO and LuciYES (who is a clone of LuciNO). LuciMAYBE started out as a joke that users in the Wii Fit U Community came up with sometime after LuciYES appeared. One day, LuciYES got bored and decided to create a LuciMAYBE alt and started posting and commenting random "maybe" jokes, these posts usually made fun of things such as the "WHAT THE FUCK IS A SONIC" meme.


LuciYES eventually got bored of being LuciMAYBE, so he decided to let another user named Floyd become LuciMAYBE. Floyd basically did almost the same thing as the previous LuciMAYBE incarnation, but he didn't last as long. Floyd had a console ban warning at the time, and due to the constant Admin Notifications he was getting on his LuciMAYBE acount, Floyd decided to quit being LuciMAYBE.

Many months later LuciYES got bored and decided to reuse her old LuciMAYBE account, and also changed the Miis look. LuciYES mostly uses the account for trash-posting when bored.


  • LuciNO doesn't consider the idea of LuciMAYBE to be very funny.

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