Lucas SSB4 render
Game Series MOTHER
Date Debuted in April 20th, 2006
First Appearence MOTHER 3 (2006)
Latest Appearence Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (2015, DLC)
Owned by Nintendo
Lucas is the main protagonist of MOTHER 3, a Japanese-only Game Boy Advance game and the sequel to EarthBound, which has gained a massive following and demand for a Western release.


Lucas, at the start of the game, is a timid and meek young boy, and the younger of two twins, the other being his more adventurous and daring brother Claus, who lives happily with his father, Flint, mother, Hinawa, and pet dog, Boney, in the peaceful village of Tazmily located on the Nowhere Islands. Throughout the game, Lucas undergoes a series of tragedies and hardships, causing him to grow stronger as a person, and eventually, he learns that he is a chosen one with the power of PK Love, a PSI technique which is both useful in battle for its' offensive prowess and also allows the user to pull the 'seven needles', which, when pulled, will awaken the 'Dark Dragon' sleeping under the Nowhere Islands, and, depending on whether the needle puller is of good or evil intentions, either recreate the world without evil or destroy it outright respectively.

Super Smash Bros. Series

Lucas, like his fellow MOTHER representative Ness, is more well-known for his appearance in the Super Smash Bros. series of fighting games- In Brawl, the third installment, Lucas was added as a playable fighter, and a semi-clone of Ness. While on the surface he appears very similar to Ness, having several moves with the same name and similar effects, not to mention identical physics and height, Lucas is very distinct from Ness in many ways. For his special moves, he uses PK Fire, PK Thunder, and PSI Magnet, which all have differences from Ness's versions (PK Fire is a quick projectile which does knockback and travels horizontally in the air, PK Thunder travels in a tighter circle while being slower and also sends Lucas flying further when he hits himself with it, and trades knockback for going through opponents and hitting multiple times, and PSI Magnet is held out in front of Lucas and has a hitbox if he stops the move while an opponent stands in the vortex), as well as PK Freeze, and shares the same PK Starstorm Final Smash.

As many had feared he would be, Lucas was cut from the roster after Brawl, which caused many of his fans to be upset- However, Lucas was announced as DLC in April of 2015, and was available for purchase in June. It was said that Lucas was in fact added back in due to his popularity. Like Ness, despite being popular, he ranked low on the tier list in Brawl for many of the same reasons Ness did, like PK Thunder being a very unorthodox recovery. However, he is greatly buffed in SSB4, with a longer tether recovery and other buffs.

Lucas, like Ness, has become very popular among Smash and MOTHER fans, as well as, of course, many a Miiverse user, for both how he plays in Smash, and his character as a whole- Lucas is considered perhaps one of the saddest heroes in any video game due to having to endure so many difficult and sad things at a young age, causing many to sympathize or relate to him. Compared to previous heroes Ninten and Ness, who are never given any defining personality traits beyond standard hero bravery, Lucas is a more interesting character personality-wise, as he undergoes notable character development in both his own game and the Subspace Emissary of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.



  • The trophy for his Final Smash in Brawl suggests that Kumatora, his friend in MOTHER 3, taught him how to use PK Starstorm for Smash, much like how Ness's PK Starstorm trophy suggests his friend Poo did the same.
  • Lucas's up-smash in Smash Bros. appears to be PK Love, his signature attack in MOTHER 3- Not only is it incredibly powerful and can hit multiple opponents, but the animation when he uses it looks a lot like the animation for when Lucas pulls a needle with the technique in his own game.
  • There have been several Miiverse users based on him, due to his popularity.
  • Lucas's voice actress, Lani Minella, also voices Pit in Brawl, and a few of the Koopalings in SSB4, albeit through reused voice clips from other games.
  • The names of he and his twin, Claus, are anagrams of each other.
  • Lucas has a costume which changes his colors to that of Claus's in Brawl. In SSB4, in addition to it, he gains costumes based on the Masked Man, Duster, and his pet dog Boney's human disguise from MOTHER 3 as well.