T5kjjpqys687 normal face
The original iteration of Loid's Mii.
NNID sacra8888
Age 10
Joined September 2013
Community Wii Fit U Community
Followers 79
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday Unknown
Alts sacra2712 (Permabanned)

jondanger23 (Deleted) LOIDBANNED (Deleted) sacra2713 (Permabanned)

Loid is a Miiverse user. The younger brother of another Miiverse user, Robert, Loid frequented the Super Smash Bros. Series Community until its inevitable shutdown, earning around 160 followers during that time. Afterwards, he followed the Smashers into The Legend of Zelda Series Community and then the Wii Fit U Community, but during this time his activity on the site waned and eventually ceased altogether at the end of December 2014. His real-life name, and also the name of his first Mii, is Jonathan (shortened to Jon).

As of June 16, 2015, Loid has returned to Miiverse, on Robert's backup account, FantasyLifeIsGr8.


  • sacra2712 - Loid (then known as Jon)'s first account, as well as the account on which he accumulated the most posts and followers (700+ and 178, respectively). This account picked up two temporary bans during its lifetime, but was not permabanned until Robert's (and his) Wii U's console-ban.
  • jondanger23 - Loid's second account, and the only one of his to be permabanned through means other than a console-ban. He used a Mii called "Infinity" during most of his time on this account, and was much more of a troll than he was on other accounts.
  • LOIDBANNED - A backup used for the second time sacra2712 was banned. Used a Mii called "Loid 2.0", which was essentially Loid except with a neutral expression rather than a smile.
  • sacra2713 - An account created for Loid on Robert's 3DS, this account only made 14 posts before said 3DS's console-ban.


  • "I literally just saw a preschool RP in the YouTube Community..."


  • Loid once made a post that stated "This post won't have olv.portal.miitoo." It did, and got over 40 Yeahs before sacra2712 was permanently banned.

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