Logan R.B (Lostriky)
NNID Nope.avi
Age 19
Joined Unknown
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 1389
System(s) owned SO Wiiu SO N3ds
Birthday July 23rd
Alts ProjectUkelele
Logan (Nope.avi) is a 19 year old Miiverse user with 1389 Followers. Rather than draw alot, he makes funny posts, of which usually can hit or miss (That is kind of his thing, after all). He is unsure when his first post was on his current account, but he knows that his absolute first post ever was in the Nintendo Land community . When he officially joined Miiverse back in February of 2013. From there, he entered the Scribblenauts Unlimited community, where he was soundly welcomed. As he thinks, it was more or less a primitive Wii Fit U community . It was there that he met some friends that would be with him his entire journey through Miiverse, and still to this day. Ones such include Kivan, Krisaiden, and Starry.

However, he became best friends with a future celebrity, known as GranGeno☆. He and GranGeno would do very dweeby things such as arguing about who's the best character in Fire Emblem, and frequently play Animal Crossing New Leaf with him. However, it all changed one day when GrangGeno seemingly started ignoring Logan, and possibly(?) replaced him with someone else.

Games that he plays usually are all first party, like Smash Bros., Wind Waker HD, Super Mario 3D World, and so on and so forth. His favorite Nintendo IP is F-Zero, because it feels like a Mario Kart game with no limits. Ironically enough, his favorite video game is Mario Kart Super Circuit, for the Gameboy Advance.

Logan frequently resides in the Percy's Predicament community, along with Krrrrbin, DAVIS 00, Christheawesome1, Miguel, and nahtatroll. However, he also drifts away from the community sometimes, to making actual game related on topic posts.

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