It'sa me Lily
NNID kittyboo131
Age Undisclosed
Joined April 6, 2015
Community YouTube Community
Followers 473+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday Nov. 17
Alts none

I swore at the ice cream truck because it was right outside my window with its blaring loud music.


Lily is a Miiverse artist who used to post in the Wii Fit U Community.


When she was eleven, she started posting from her first account, KittyBoo1311. At first, she went inactive for a long stretch of time before engaging more in the communities. Her first posts were innocent enough, the type to be expected from a new Miiverse user before their corruption.

Lily spent months in this blissful state, asking what OCs and RPs were (and not getting answers), using her activity feed to post anything off-topic, and being satisfied with four 'Yeahs'.

One day (March 22, 2015, to be exact), Lily discovered the Wii Fit U community, inquiring "What is this community for, anyway? I don't really see a lot concerning Wii Fit U." For a while afterwards, she seemed to have little-to-no interest in the WFUC.

On March 27, 2015, Lily posted in the YouTube Community for the very first time, sparking a long-lasting interest in the community. From that point on, she increasingly made her art and off-topic posts there.

Lily officially joined the WFUC on April 6, 2015.

On the same day, she received an error message locking her out of Miiverse, most likely due to the admins figuring out her age.

Deciding the best thing to do was format her 3DS system memory and create a new NNID , she copied every single one of her posts into a Microsoft Word document, wept, and said goodbye.

New Start

Using her current account, KittyBoo131, Lily got back into the swing of things fairly quickly, now knowing more about the ins-and-outs of Miiverse.

Most of her pre-redesign posts were in the WFU, YouTube, and TomoDachi Life communities. When she left the WFUC, she went to the Pokemon Art Academy and Animal Crossing: New Leaf Community. She also enjoys posting in the infamous YouTube Community. Nowadays, she attempts to post at least once a day to maintain relevance. She usually posts drawings without text or meaning due to her lack of creativity or thoughtful commentary on any popular subject.


Nice legg

See? She gets it.

  • She loves food
  • She has not officially joined any fandoms
  • She has trouble engaging in any sort of conversation, often bookmarking posts until she can respond properly
  • She claims she wants to make at least one enemy during her online life, but wants it to be well-deserved
  • She loves Fukase (Vocaloid) because she's a lowkey weeb and thinks he's fun to draw
  • She is pretty much addicted to Miiverse (and Pokemon Shuffle, while we're at it.)
  • Lily's intelligence level has increased only slightly since joining Miiverse
  • She uses text emojis a lot, which may prove to be an annoyance
  • She seems to have and unhealthy obsession with legs
  • She looked up "kikwi" on r34 just because she could
  • Most of her days are spent in front of a computer screen, though she doesn't watch as much anime as you might think
  • She is prone to mood swings.
  • She is pretty damn proud of having the "Lily" page on LMR, with it being a partially common name.
  • Her typing style is inconsistent.
  • She really hates her art style.
  • Google Translate is her waifu.
  • She hates the Badge Arcade bunny
  • She can't finish Fire Emblem: Awakening due to everyone dying before she finishes a level
  • She fangirls over Ghostie-P's music, despite many people not liking it
  • She is almost entirely sure you aren't reading all of these bullet points.
  • She enjoys screaming
  • Lily also has a semi-active LMR account, KittyBoo131.

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