Leo Luster
Leo Luster
The God himself.
Site it originated from Le Miiverse Resource/Instasync
Status Semi-alive
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Leo Luster is a character that appears in the Donkey Kong Country TV show. He is an alter ego of Bluster Kong that appears in the episode "Hunka Hunka Burnin' Bluster" of the Donkey Kong Country television series. He also eventually became a meme on Miiverse and was proclaimed Miiverse's new "Ogrelord" on 11/9/14. Leo's appearances include Episode 37 of the DKC TV Series "Hunka Hunka Burnin' Bluster" and various Miiverse appearances. Leo Luster is also the mascot of Le Miiverse Resource.


Leo Luster wears white cuffs on his wrists as opposed to full shirt sleeves, with a split mustache and tall black hair. He also has a small gold medal and chain, along with sunglasses, symbolizing the amazing badass-ness of the character. Similar to his secret identity, Bluster Kong and most other Kongs he has a very large forehead.

Miiverse Meme History


The very birthplace of the Leo Luster meme.

It all started when a group of people on Instasync were watching old Donkey Kong Country episodes and a small clip from "Hunka Hunka Burnin' Bluster" started to play, named "I'm Leo Luster!". They immediately fell in love with the character and kept rewatching the clip over and over.

When they created hashtags and posts around the character, such as "Leo Luster for Smash 5" and "#LeoLuster", the meme started to catch on right on the spot and others started making posts like this too. Later on in the week, Leo Luster was declared the mascot of Le Miiverse Resource.

Leo Luster - I'm Leo Luster Lyrics

I'm Leo Luster - Donkey Kong Country Cartoon Music Extended-009:56

I'm Leo Luster - Donkey Kong Country Cartoon Music Extended-0


Hey, kids, the world just got cooler!

Stand back while I make the scene.

I'm the most, uh! And that ain't no boast,

I'm the swingin'est thing from coast to coast.

I'm a lizard's nightmare, I'm every girl's dream.

The picture of perfect, you know what I mean?

I'm Leo Luster (Pow)!

I'm where it's at, I'm a far-out happenin' cat!

Uh! I'm Leo Luster, baby I'm a trip.

Man it hurts to be this hip!

Cats, dig, it's time to get hip now.

Hop aboard it's a groovy ride.

Dig my threads, my shades and my hair; step aside, squares!

I'm a lizard's nightmare, I'm every girl's dream,

The picture of perfect, you know what I mean?

I'm Leo Luster (Pow)!

I'm where it's at, I'm a far-out happenin' cat!

I'm Leo Luster, baby I'm a trip.

Man it hurts to be this hip!

Leo Luster - I'm Back, Baby Lyrics


An example of a Leo Luster post, also the very first Leo Luster post.

I'm back, baby!

Hey, hah, it's good to be back here.

You're beautiful, and straight from the heart.

It's time, uh! To fly the coop now,

Destination, Splitsville, dad!

I'm better than ever, I'm top of my game,

Look in my eyes baby,

I'm never the same.

I'm Leo Luster, baby I'm back!

I'm still a happenin' cat, reow!

I'm Leo Luster, I've always had the stuff,

I'm that good you just can't get enough!

I'm Leo Luster, I'm an irresistible force!

I'm Leo Luster, I'm like a heart attack, baby!


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