NNID EatSoupEveryday
Age 14
Joined Unknown
Community Panama Club
Followers Old Main: 400

New Main: 202+

System(s) owned SO Wiiu SO N3ds
Birthday 08/10
Alts TonnLenkAlt, AnotherLenk, I_Rek_Skrubz, YeeAlts, MoreAlts, LOVE_ME_BBY, LenkLovesYou

Lenk is a user who mostly posts in the Panama Community. Along with that, he sometimes posts in the Smash 4 Community and Super Mario Maker Community.


His beautiful screenshot he got from Smash Wii U


Early Use of Miiverse

When Lenk first joined Miiverse a couple years ago, he was a cringe worthy user like many other Miiverse users. He usually posted screenshots every once in a while, until the demo for Smash 4 was released. After that he just posted about winning battles and such. Then when he got the actual game, he mostly posted screenshots.

Early Off-Topic Posting

During some time before Lenk joined the Smashers, he had followed one of them. After seeing some of that person's posts in the Activity Feed, he thought he would go check out the community he was posting in, which was the Wii Fit U Community. He immediately fell in love with off topic posting, and became a full time trashposter on the spot.

A few days after joining the Smashers, Lenk found a 'Latest yeah' post, leading him to a post in the YouTube Community (YTC). He decided to look around the community, but he hated everything about it, so he tried to start a war with them. New to the whole YTC idea, he believed he could shut them down, but ended up with a small flame war. The other Smashers scolded him for it, and he never tried to start a war with the YTC again.

About a week before the redesign happened, Lenk received his first ban while trolling. By the time he got unbanned, the Smashers had already moved to the New Super Luigi U Community.

NSLU Times, and then the Panama Times

After moving to the New Super Luigi U, as if through a miracle, Lenk's posting quality somehow increased a lot. Like a LOT. He started making better use of memes, and become much less cringe worthy. Maybe he got some 'creativity'. Who knows.

During his time in the NSLU, he become really good at trolling, leading to him trolling the YTC frequently. He was a natural at it, and since he had a lot of alts, he was practically immune to being blocked. After Lenk received two bans while trolling, he must have decided to stop trolling, because he started doing it less often.

Following his 3rd ban, he decided to give up trolling forever. He became as supportive as possible towards anyone who was hated (Unless they supported something wrong, like what Miinion was faking), and even stood up for a particular user that was hated all through out the NSLU.

In late November of 2015, Lenk received his 4th ban on his main account, and it was perma'd. Between all his accounts, this was his 5th ban, and his alts were hit with 2 weeks, allowing him to return to Miiverse with a new main.

After returning, he had not decided on a new main yet. He temporarily used his alt, and after making a few posts, he made one post saying "YOU CAN CONTACT ME AT GABEN@VAVLESOFTWARE.COM". This was deleted by admins, and he received another ban shortly after, resulting in his "10 minute ban".

Following his "10 minute ban", Lenk returned to Miiverse yet again . After a couple of days decided he decided on a new main, which used a modified version of the Mii on his old main.

A while after continuing his normal posting, he took up on protecting the Hylians. He also joined Team Plasma with hopes of getting some help protecting the Hylians, and even formed his own clan, PEACE (an abbreviation of 'Protecting Everyone And Controlling Evil').

Later on, he took up a way better attitude and started being nicer to everyone. The next day, he left Team Plasma, due to them not fulfilling their promise of protecting The Legend of Zelda community, and a few hours later on the same day, also disbanded PEACE. Lenk deleted all posts he made about it.

After continuing posting for a while, and seeing a brief period of inactivity, Lenk returned with a decision to move to the Panama Community, concluding his time in the NSLU. He additionally stopped posting in the LoZ community.

The post announcing this can be found here. Whilst posting in the Panama Community, he was active in general, but was typically offline for a majority of the day.

The Return to NSLU

On June 2nd, Lenk made a post which can be seen here [1] where Lenk visits the NSLU again. He says that Panama was fun, but slow. He also stated that he may or may not move back to NSLU. On June 16th, he announced in Panama Club that he was moving back to NSLU because it felt more "home-y." Ever since then, he has been posting actively at a fairly decent rate in NSLU.


  • "I ain't waiting for Smash 5 for Pichu's comeback."
  • "I'm a Fox main who uses the reflector to get up smashes. Am I a meme yet?"
  • "I'm not dead I promise"


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