The League of Mini-Mods (or LoMM) is a group lead by Boogie and Solmerse that fights bullies, false reporters, and trolls if the trolling goes too far. The current manual can be found here.

Staff members include:

  • (Former)Owner- Jonathan (Jonsomeness)
  • Leaders- Boogie (CSStudiosC), SolMerse (NoGoodNNIDsLeft), Alex (AlexIsBacl),Sudo Mage (toonlink514)
  • Uber Mods- none
  • Mini-Managers- Kat (Snowpelts_Alt), Becca (beckitten27), Sudo Mage (toonlink514)


The LoMM began on February 18th of 2014. It was created as a peace treaty between 'Stache Crew and the SP Clan, two rival groups. 

The Classic LoMM (the original Members):

  • Owners- Jonathan and SP101/03 
  • Right-Hand Men (Considered Co-Owners)- NinCharles (Jonathan's Decision) and Bamboo (SP's Decision) 

General Members-

  • Those who joined from SP: 
  • Faceless 3 (SolMerse)  
  • TriFake (TriFace)  
  • Awsome! (WhiteWolf32) 
  • »—$K¥νşŻ—> (Skylandhunter) 
  • Those who joined from 'Stache Crew: 
  • Mark (Mastergamer226) 
  • Luigi (Alex64/3DU)  
  • ĊąŕĻøş3ÐŮ™ (CarlosAceves) 
  • Becca (beckitten27) 

There were also many other SP members who came in and out and were not active or loyal. 

Jonathan and SP103 had decided that insulting and reporting each other's group's would get them nowhere. So they decided to create an anti-trolling group from their massive numbers to work in Miiverse for the good of everyone.  

The Great Separation

Despite this so called fusion of groups for peace, SP103, Bamboo!, and Portalz (SolMerse) went against the Classic League only a few days after helping create it on the 25th of the same month.  

They began by saying they would keep communities 'in check' by conquering them, but eventually reverted back to trolling and taking over.  

Leaving the Classic League was what began the downfall of the infamous SP Clan. When they left, only a few people left with them, most deciding to stay with Jonathan, and newly appointed Co-Owner TriFake. In the months to follow, SP would try on and off to take down the League, but would ultimately fail when SolMerse left the SP Clan and joined the League, leaving SP with Bamboo who simply grew bored and left. 

The New League of Mini-Mods

Starting December 19th, the League reinvented itself, creating new features to distinguish itself from the old version. This includes adding Ranks and Classes to new Members, renaming the previous 'Admin' and 'Uber Admin' positions, and implementing the use of 'Stache Points, a virtual currency used to buy things from the new Mini-Shop.

However, the majority voted against it, thinking it was too complicated.

Passing on Leadership

On April 2nd, 2015, Jonathan passed on the owner position to SolMerse and Boogie. He gave an explanation as to why he is leaving. The post can be found here.

Jon eventually returned but isn't a leader anymore.


The following projects are things that the League is working on as of these times.

LoMM Legends: a side scrolling video game with eight playable LoMM members with eight different worlds, with one member for each world. The worlds will be based off different Zelda games and is still VERY early in development.

LoMM manager sudomage became temporary leader as of July 30 2015 and is trying to get more members.

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