About Le Miiverse Resource

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Le Miiverse Resource is a Wikia were you can learn about the many users, communities, and memes located on Miiverse, with a bit of a satirical twist to it as well! You can help us by expanding our stub pages, we'd appreciate that! If you don't know how to edit, click here!

We have two main ways to communicate with the users on here, and they are the forums and the chat.

The forums can be located here. There are many different boards on the forums, such as the Off-Topic board, where you can post whatever you want! There's also the News and Announcements board, where the most important threads are posted. There are many different boards you can talk can explore, so pick your poison.

I hate to say it, but even we have some rules, and you need to read them. You can find the forums/wikia rules here.

The chat is the other way to talk to users, which you can find here. If you're breaking any of the Live Chat rules, you'll be kicked by a moderator. If you get three kicks in one day, you'll be banned. The chat rules can be found here.

If you have any problems with someone/something, you can contact one of the staff members listed below.





LuciYES, Mr.LuigiDude, Sakuraichu



Discussion Moderators

Tigerplanet, Trickster Constantine

Chat Moderators

Masterdetective, MonadoGuy

Content Moderator