Latest Yeah or Check my latest yeah, is a popular meme on Miiverse, particularly in the meme-centric New Super Luigi U Community. This meme originated after the update that allowed you to see the yeahs of your followers and followed users in the activity feed, or more simply to check the user in question's profile. Posts of this are typically meant to draw attention to an underrated post in the eyes of the poster. It can be used to signal attention towards bad posts or be used by attention seeking users.


Latest Yeah posts are often used for many different things. Most users will often use to help gather trolls to troll a specific post, the most common posts usually being RP or dating posts.Sometimes, Latest Yeahs are often used to give attention to a specific post such as drawings or to get more people to yeah the post. Some users will post latest yeahs to show disturbing or inappropriate posts they've found, such as penis drawings (commonly found in the Nintendo Land community). It's also very common for users to use latest yeahs as a way to warn other users of false reporters or invasions.

A common problem with latest yeahs is that some users will often start yeahing other things a minute after they've made their latest yeah post, mostly if the person is a yeah bomber.


  • It's very common to see "troll latest yeah" posts.
  • Many users have started to get annoyed with the latest yeah meme overtime, mostly the ones involving trolling roleplays.
  • An alternative to latest yeahs are posting links to a post. However, this only works on PC and Mobile Miiverse and can risk an admin notification if the post linked is inappropriate.
  • The idea was not always a troll thing and was used for much longer.
  • Dave S.  is famous for his version of latest yeah, he usually puts *grabs some popcorn* and makes it a meme within a meme.
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