LMR Champions is a fighting game developed by user Thewayofthestoney. It runs on the MUGEN Engine. It is still in beta stages. Download LMR champions HERE.


The title screen


A finalized plot hasn't been decided, but it may go along the lines of "Ridley hosts a tournament but it is actually a trap to kill everyone. Everyone got invited or caught in the mess and must defeat Ridley" Something along those lines.


LMR Characters


  • Son Goku
  • Superman
  • Dio Brando
  • Ryu
  • Gon Freeces
  • Megaman


  • Every character is a spriteswap of someone or already pre-made.
  • Ridley is the final boss.
  • There was originally gonna be only 1 guest, but it was changed to 6 for the hard part was deciding who.
  • Bigley was too rid to be playable.
  • Sakuraichu's Stage was changed to Violet Sky upon request from Sakuraichu.

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