LMR 1st Birthday

On May 19, 2015 Le Miiverse Resource celebrated its first birthday. Many users took to the Chat to celebrate this day, and LMR's main page got a new look to celebrate the occasion.

However, despite the celebration, trouble was brewing. Digit03 created a poll asking whether or not the Bandwagon Smashers should leave WFU. A number of users from Miiverse eventually found this thread and assumed that it meant LMR users were going to Report Bomb the Wii Fit U Community. This caused both LMR and the Wii Fit U Community to fall into chaos, and the situation only got worse when it was revealed that LMR as a whole was not going to report bomb the Wii Fit U community, but rather Digit03 would return to report bomb every bandwagon Smasher (although this Digit would later be confirmed to be a fake).

Following this, many other users such as MonadoGuy , Whatever, and Robert attempted to get themselves console-banned from Miiverse for various reasons, although a common theme was to be to break each user's addiction to Miiverse once and for all. Soon after this, a fake Marioman57 popped up and proceeded to violate the Code of Conduct frequently, although this did not go beyond posting swear words and penis drawings. LMR chat was in disarray as users attempted to figure out what was happening and how it could be solved. The user Darkwing Duckness suggested moving the Smashers to the Legend of Zelda Series Community and Destiny (a user on LMR and Miiverse) assumed that they would proceed to move to said community, and despite this not being confirmed she and a few other users posted this to Miiverse, which caused a rumor that the Smashers would be moving again. This drama, fortunately, ended about 3-4 hours after it started.


  • The first user to spread the rumor of LMR report-bombing was JakeStateF, more commonly known as Jake from State Farm. He probably found Digit's thread on LMR and assumed everyone on LMR was gonna report people.
  • Whatever frequently posted #MAD drawings, often involving penises, in an attempt to get herself console-banned. Because of this Nigel, who got an alt from her, was banned too.
  • To get banned quicker on Miiverse, MonadoGuy added the word "Project M" at the end of his posts, a commonly-known trigger for an admin notification.
  • The user Emolga suggested that the Smashers move to the Adventures of Lolo Community, this did not catch on.
  • Some users suggested moving to the Japanese Thomas the tank engine, Nintendo Tvii, and even the Volleyball communities. This didn't happen either.

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