Kyurem (formerly known as putin, then Manrus) is a troll who hates Yoshi , the creator of #AntiYoshiClan, loves airplanes and plays vidya

Mother of mercy, look at this monstrosity!
NNID Unknown
Age Unknown
Joined December 23rd, 2013
Community Unknown
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

He is responsible of Anti Yoshi Clan Incident.


That goddamn dragon

Before the incident, he was just another obscure user.

During his early days, he was drawing troll requests for the next SSB game and he posted snapshots of Dream Team and Luigi's Mansion 2.

Also before the incident, he was just drawing some random but okay pictures.

Kyurem ships Squidward and An-225 because his inner machinations of his mind are enigma.

Then the Anti Yoshi Clan incident happened. The second day of the strike was the time where he became infamous among Yoshi fans.

He has been on Miiverse since 12/22/2013, and as said before, he hates Yoshi. Very few people joined #AntiYoshiClan, and will probably never will.

On August 31th, he said that the Yoshi war is over.

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