NNID TentaiHentacles
Age 16
Joined December 2013
Community Unknown
Followers 130+
System(s) owned SO N3ds SO Wiiu
Birthday 10/23
Alts TooManyCooksKyon (current NNID), TogamiXFukawa, OrangeIsTheNew, ilysmDespair, ShovelMight, SquareMelonBread, etc.

Does this game support lotion controls?

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His avatar in South Park: The Stick of Truth

Kyon is a weird user. He joined Miiverse on his 3DS in December 2013, and became a Smasher in summer 2014. His account got permabanned in October 2014, and he bought a Wii U. He became semi-popular in December 2014.

Early days on Miiverse

Kyon used to be an on-topic user who posted in the Smash community, the FE: Awakening community, and the Tomodachi Life community. His NNID was SquareMelonBread at the time. He discovered the Smashers in summer 2014, and became one instantly. He used to draw terrible yuri pics of Fire Emblem characters in the Smash community, but gave up on that after getting banned for the first time. He got permabanned on October 24th between 12-3 AM, hours after his birthday.

Return to Miiverse

Kyon got a Wii U from his parents on October 25th, and returned the same day. Nobody noticed him on his old account, so he started posting "shitty weeaboo posts". Some user started harassing him, but a user named Shane defended Kyon. Kyon and Shane quickly became friends. A lot of people started to like him, and he became kinda popular. In 2015, he posted less on Miiverse, but when he did, he hung out with users like Boxhead, Radmin and Curva.

Iwata controversy

On December 6th, 2015, Kyon posted a post in the New Super Luigi U Community where he told people to grow up and get over Iwata's passing. Some people got really angry at him, calling him heartless, but some agreed with him.

What is he doing now

He made a return to Miiverse on October 18th, 2015. He's was using an alt Fred gave him, but got banned.

He died of cancer in 1997.


  • His favorite games are Persona 4 Golden, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair and Bayonetta 2.
  • He is bisexual or something.
  • He is an Orange is the new Black fanboy.
  • He's also a Mass Effect fanboy.
  • He likes the color pink.
  • He created the meme "____ la ____".
  • He has OCD.
  • He has a YouTube channel called Kyon pls .
  • He has a love/hate relationship with an individual known as Brett Keane.

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