Kumietorie fav post

His original favorite post.

NNID JoystickLad
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community WiiFit U Community, Splatoon Community
Followers 230+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday Unknown
Alts JoystickLadIZBAK, EVULJoystickLad

Kumietorie is a user who loves MOTHER games, especially MOTHER 3. He's the kohai of the user Kumatora. Yes, they're different. Kumietorie is an extreme fan of Lucatora (Lucas x Kumatora) and is 16 years old. He is a big fan of shipping Kumatora with Lucas, and HATES Duster x Kumatora. Seems legit. He has almost 200 followers on Miiverse and has been shipped with fellow user Ashton in the past because of a crazy MiiverseAfterDark fanfic that Kumatora wrote. He loves to draw, most of the time in anime/manga weeaboo style, otherwise in MOTHER/EarthBound style. Y'know, with them beady, black dot eyes and pink blushes. His main is "JoystickLad".

His Mii on his (second) alt is "KumieIsMad", which is also self-explanatory. It is Kumietorie with a fair skin color and an angrier expression.

He also views Kumatora (user/"sister") as his senpai, but SHE DONT WANT HIM LEL- jk.

He is shipped with fellow user InkpawMew~ who is a yandere for him. It's okay, Kumie is a masochist or some shit and is into being stalked and forced into sexual situations by psychopaths.

Fellow user DerpSky is his homeboy.
32q1swh1xy7wo normal face (1)

Kumietorie's Mii. Note the smexiness.

1f52fgm1593lu normal face

His "KumieIsMad" Mii.


  • Chris/Kumietorie's original Mii, until he decided to make "Kumietorie" her own character and not a different version of Kumatora.
    Kumietorie Sketch

    Drawing of Kumietorie, by Chris/Kumietorie himself.

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