NNID skr702
Age 15
Joined November 18 2012
Community Percy's Predicament
Followers 174+
System(s) owned Wii U, 3DS
Birthday 1/15
Alts Unknown

His wiki username is the same as on Miiverse: Krrrbin


3g97uy9r95k09 normal face


He has been on Miiverse since November 18th, 2012, but got bored and left. When the 3ds version came Krrrrbin rose again, and eventually got his skr702 account back up, but by then, it was an alt.. His friends were Paws, Dash, and DStar. He met Silverpaw later. He is also friends with Giga Gamby, Davis 00, and the miiverse gang!
Korbin's life story03:06

Korbin's life story

The Confrontation With SkyShaymin

Krrrrbin was wondering why SkyShaymin blocked his friend, DStar, so he went to one of his posts to try and get him unblocked. At first, SkyShaymin ignored him, eventually, Krrrrbin lost his temper and said tell me why you hate Dstar and I will leave but SkyShaymin blocked him. So everybody got their nipples in a twist and started a rebellion or something, Later, Silverpaw had to go save himself but he got blocked too by SkyShaymin. He then offered to help SkyShaymin and stop bothering him, but he just deleted his post and made fun of him, so until further notice he has full permission to pester him constantly.


KKH702 - His main account.

skr702 - Alt account (the one he started miiverse with) PS: don't look at my past

Final Demise

After everything that had happend to him Krrrrbin finally lost it and quit miiverse on August 17, 2014.....

BUT LO....

SkyShaymin and Krrrrbin finally got things worked out.... Confusing all of their friends in the process....

Krrrrbin returned....
Whenever Krrrrbin tries to talk to skyshaymin

whenever Krrrrbin sees one of his enemies

Krrrrbin 2014

Now a days Krrrrbin could care less about his past on Miiverse. He tries really hard to forget about his miiverse past. That's why he wants to burn this wiki page. HE GOT PERMA'D ONCE AND ALREADY GOT THE CONSOLE BAN WARNING *claps*

Krrrrbin today

Today Korbin battles with depression caused by another user named Sahobo, who he tried to prevent from comitting suicide and had a crush on. She however, decided to go her own way. Korbin matured during this time, and began focusing on life more than miiverse. However he still feels hopeless. Now he is attacked by user's such as DStar. He is on and off agaain with Miiverse as of now. He is suicidal but still clings on to friends as a last hope.
Mvocclyihyx8 normal face

Blue Krrrrbin, the mii of his Skr702 account


  • "Being mean is mean"
  • "o boi"
  • "#thnxsky"
  • "Stan is a six year old from the year 20XX"
  • "I'm the sith lord"

Additional Stuff

  • He does follow 4 follow, which makes him 250000000000000000000% less cool. (I actually ACCEPT follow 4 follow)
  • He has gotten over 20 admin warnings. (I'm very proud of them)
  • He has gotten banned twice. (#thnxsky)
  • Other enemies include, Penny, Stan the time-traveler, and Tom from Nintendo
  • His mii's hair is way longer than his real hair
  • If he's on Miiverse, he is listening to music,


  • His theme song is: Am I a Man or A muppet? It's fun to make fun of..... Trust me
  • He hates the 2 min. rule more than anything ever, he believes it's from Satan himself
  • He summoned and killed Ronald Mcdonald, the king of demons
  • He wishes he could insult idiots without fear the admins will ban him
  • Between the admins and SkyShaymin, he's losing it
  • Out of his group of friends, he picks favorites (I'll never tell)
  • Many posts contain material that might suggest Krrrrbin is trying to take over the world in secret.....
  • this may however, be a side affect to his Skyshaymin/ admin insanity
  • He's the sith lord


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