NNID Lol_Koopa_Again
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community Pokemon ORAS community
Followers 167+
System(s) owned SO N3ds SO Wiiu
Birthday Unknown
Alts New_KoopaWolf

KoopaWolf (NNID: Bowser_Wolf) is a Miiverse user and an artist, and she enjoys making funny posts and drawings. KoopaWolf is a fan of the Pokemon series, so she often draws Pokemon fanart. KoopaWolf used to post in the Smash community alot but now she mostly posts in either YouTube or the Pokemon ORAS Community (mostly the Pokemon ORAS community). She left the Wii Fit U Community on 5/02/2015 due to the increase of drama in the Wii Fit U Community.


Koopa is a very nice and carefree Miiverse user. She isn't serious most of the time, so don't take her too seriously. She says numerous times her drawings are horrible, KoopaWolf is usually always stays calm and cheerful though.


  • Her favorite Pokemon is Gardevoir.
  • She often draws male Gardevoir.
  • KoopaWolf has a few OCs

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