3h63gu9npz709 normal face
His mii
NNID BigAngel8
Age 10
Joined 5/7/2015
Community Youtube and Smash Bros
Followers 650+
System(s) owned Wii U
Birthday Uknown
Alts superangel28


KoolGuy is a user that determines himself to be cool. He normally posts in the YouTube community even after the update. He was originally named "Angel" but now called himself "Koolguy" becuase of how many people call him cool due to his hip profile comment. He's been banned numerous times due to trolls and swearing.

He used to be BFFS with Gamer Dude until Gamer Dude became BFFS with Landon(landonl9) He's a mexican immagrant and has a sassy attitude towards users. He seems to hate Jack&Jill. One interesting event that occured was that he spoiled his location to a user named "FNAF Fan2"(3ds-looks-better) he told him that he lives in California,Temecula after this, FNAF Fan 2 made a post about it (currently deleted by admins) causing KoolGuy to leave Miiverse.

6 months later, however, he came back as "The Sniper" but then changed back to KoolGuy and got permanently banned on 9/9/2015 and his real name is Angel. His accounts are currently inactive(except for superangel28)and he shitposts right now. His enemy is JR (marvin2179) due to The JR Vs. KoolGuy epidemic.

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