NNID sbsniper123
Age 15
Joined July 30, 2014
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 418+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday July 30
Alts Kody² (sbsniper456)
Kody is a user who frequently posts on the New Super Luigi U Community. His birthday is on July 30, which was also the same day he got a Wii U and joined Miiverse. He joined in 2014, starting with a poorly written drawing saying "crash bandicoot for smash" on the Super Smash Bros. Series Community.


Kody's Mii

His Mii.

As mentioned earlier, Kody joined Miiverse on July 30, 2014. He started with a drawing that said, “crash bandicoot for smash” on the Super Smash Bros Series Community. He posted a lot of Mario Kart 8 screenshots, which were mostly his Mii and Rosalina. This is because he used to be obsessed with her.

Around this time, Kody started to notice the off-topic posts in the Smash community. He then began to post off-topic. He also followed the Smashers to the Zelda Series Community when the Smash community shut down. Sometime in November, an Ebola meme was going on. Kody made a post that said, "Call me stupid, but who's Ebola?" that made him become very popular for that day. Unfortunately, this was going on during the great war between the Smashers and Zeldians. The Zeldians were really angry about the off-topic posts, so they started false reporting every off-topic user, which included Kody. Later that day, he was false reported then banned. He then made an alt called Kody² and continued posting there. Moving onto November 21, when the new Super Smash Bros came out. He made a lot of "Caption this screenshot." and pictures of his Mii and Rosalina. He also of course moved to the Wii Fit U Community when the other Smashers moved there.

Fast forward to May 8, where the Splatoon Global Testfire started. Kody became a huge fan of Splatoon, and posts about the game at times. He also mentions a lot that Splatoon is one of the most frustrating games he's ever played, but still loves it.

On July 3rd, Kody was banned again, and moved to Reddit during his ban. He also started getting an obsession for Callie, and posted about her a lot after his unban. Kody was banned once again on July 27, and changed his Mii name to "Goodbye..." implying that he was leaving Miiverse. During his ban, he changed his mind and decided to stay once he was unbanned.

Kody now occasionally posts on the New Super Luigi U Community, which is where the Smashers moved to after the redesign. He's also on LMR Chat as KodyTheSouthParkFan from time to time.


  • You can probably tell that Kody's Mii has no eyes. This is because when changing his Mii, he decided to shorten them and hide them in the Mii's hair. He thinks that it looks better like that.
  • His old Mii had no shades, but had eyes and brown hair.
  • Kody usually posts about his current obsessions. Like right now, he likes Splatoon and Modern Warfare; and occasionally posts about them.
  • His old waifus include Rosalina, Palutena, Inkling Girl, and Callie.
  • His favorite music genres are Hip Hop, Rap, and some Metal.
  • Kody owns an Xbox 360, PS2, Wii, Wii U, and just recently an Xbox One.


  • “Someday I'm gonna look back at this and wonder why my waifu was a squid and cringe."
  • "Finding Cory."
  • “Pokemon: Global Offensive."
  • “Who needs studying when there's video games?"
  • "When Drake can still dance better than you :`)"
  • "My girlfriend is like my life. I don't have one."
  • “The Callie amiibo will be exclusive to Kody's room."
  • “Tfw there's a song you really like but you don't know the name of it."

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