Ktjnypow1je0 normal face
NNID KnucklesDaFight
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community Unknown
Followers 13+
System(s) owned SO N3ds SO Wiiu
Birthday Unknown
Alts KnucklesDaFight1

KnucklesDaFight has been on Miiverse since the beginning. He has had many accounts, such as, KnucklesDaFight, KnucklesDaFight2, KnucklesTheFight, Battletoaders, and his most popular account, KnucklesDaFight1. Knuckles is well known for hating Ridley and Shadow, specifically the fanbases and when they are requested in SSB4. He also at many points hated on Shrek, Geno, Paper Mario, and a Goomba, because people were requesting them for Super Smash Bros. 4.


Knuckles has been banned on all of his accounts, mainly because of his hatred toward the admins, and his inappropriate posts. Knuckles was banned on one of his main accounts because he was explaining why dating on Miiverse is unnecessary. Although Knuckles was known as a negative user, he did at times post drawings and wasn't at all negative. Knuckles has been banned because he was arguing with the Zelda fans on The Legend Of Zelda Community about starting a Miiverse war because of the off topic posts.


  • KnucklesDaFight
  • KnucklesDaFight2
  • KnucklesTheFight
  • Battletoaders
  • KnucklesDaFight1


  • Knuckles has been console banned.
    IMG 6940

    Knuckle's Drawing

  • Knuckles has been banned over 20 times.
  • Knuckles at one point became a Sakurai Imposter.
  • Knuckles is known for is hatred towards Sonic Boom.
  • Knuckles had made an account named EggmanYolk.

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