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His mii.
NNID Kirbyyyyy
Age 16
Joined Original Main: 12/26/13

Kirbyyyy Main: 12/26/14

Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 59
System(s) owned SO WiiuSO N3ds
Birthday 3/29

Kirbyyyyy (Permanently banned) TheStarWarrior (Inactive) ThatGreenOne (Inactive) ThatStarWarrior (Active) CleverNNIDHere (Inactive) KirbyyyyyPlsStop (Inactive) BeyondTheSpeedOf (Temporarily banned) Kirbyyyyy3DS (Active) MassAttack (Inactive) MassAttack2 (Inactive) MassAttack3 (Inactive) MassAttack4 (Inactive) MassAttack5 (Inactive) MassAttack6 (Inactive) MassAttack7 (Inactive) MassAttack8 (Inactive) FLEENTSTONES (Active) 2006YTPsAreGood (Inctive) Kirbyyyyyyyyyyyyy (Active)

Kirby (NNID: Kirbyyyyy) is a user on Miiverse who posts in the New Super Luigi U Community.


Kirby is a very kind and friendly user, and he's befriended many different users. Kirby also changes his Mii sometimes depending on his mood, they're usually different colors or versions of Kirby. Even though he uses a Kirby mii, he doesn't roleplay or pretend to be the character, although he has done it only a few times, such as when someone started a Kirby meme one morning where many users posted the Kirby anime's theme song.


Kirby joined Miiverse in 2013 with an old unkown NNID. He would later join the Wii Fit U Community and post there until the Miiverse Redesign in July 2015. During his time in the NSLUC he discovered Panama Club and started posting there, sometimes posting in both communities. As the months passed and Panama Club started going down hill Kirby decided to move to the G+ community Banama Club. On Miiverse he just posts in the NSLUC now.


  • He's actually a fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
  • In Smash For Glory, players online will often pick Kirby because of Kirby's (the user) Mii.

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