Game Series Kirby
Date Debuted in April 27, 1992
First Appearence Kirby's Dreamland
Latest Appearence Kirby: Star Allies
Owned by Nintendo

Kirby is a famous video game character from his own franchise.

Who Is Kirby?

Kirby is a famous Nintendo character, created by Masahiro Sakurai, director of the Smash Bros. series. Kirby has very unique abilities in his games such as inhaling enemies to gain their powers (though this feature debuted in his second appearance, Kirby's Adventure), sliding, and other stuff. He has had his own TV show known as Kirby: Right Back At Ya!. He was also one of the original 12 in the famous Super Smash Bros. games.

He was created accidentally when Sakurai was working for HAL Laboratory, which is also Kirby's owner. When Sakurai was testing a game, he made him as the test character: a ball with two eyes. He liked that design and added arms, feet, ability of flight and a nice smile. Miyamoto tried to change Kirby's color to yellow, but Sakurai denied it. So there was a debate on whether to have Kirby be yellow or pink on the box art. Nintendo decided to play it safe and they made Kirby white on the North American Kirby's Dream Land box art (pink in Japan). Nintendo also gives Kirby an angry look in American boxarts and a happy look in Japanese boxarts, due to cultural differences between targeted audiences. Nowadays, everyone knows Kirby is a happy pink ball.


Kirby is known as being quite nice and cheerful in most of his games. Some of his favorite hobbies include eating, drawing pictures, absorbing abilities from his enemies, racing whether on a machine or on foot, and dressing as little Japanese girls with ugly haircuts.


Kirby has possibly the strangest relationship of all Nintendo characters on Miiverse. Some users love Kirby and draw cute pictures of him. Others like him, but are convinced that he is a teenage girl and should have "her" own anime where "she" is in high school. There are also a few users who only like the bad guys from Kirby, like King Dedede and Meta Knight. Most users, however, say he is "too kiddish" and "for babies".

Gallery (official art)

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  • He was once displayed on Miiverse along with Jigglypuff as a couple (or sometimes as siblings), but it hasn't occurred recently.
  • Kirby has appeared in over 32 games (not including cameo appearences).
  • Although Kirby is no. 2 on the tier list for Super Smash Brothers on the Nintendo 64 (Second to Pikachu), in it's sequel, Super Smash Brothers Melee, he was nerfed extremely and is considered one of the worst, if not, the worst character in the game.

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