"The Suffering of others is the most amusing thing there is"~kingdedede, 2015


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NNID Pendus123
Age Unknown
Joined December 2013
Community Unknown
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

kingdedede is a user who started using Miiverse on the 3DS in December 2013 as "Kj". He started his career of debauchery by asking for help on the New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Animal Crossing New Leaf communities. He shortly afterwards moved to the Super Smash Bros. Off-topic parts of Miiverse.

He stayed for a long time until he left in October 2014. Somewhere in this time period, The King completely lost his mind. He then came back in March 2015 where he came into the Wii Fit U Community. He has fought against the YTC to protect the Wii Fit U community in Miiverse War III. Now he considers it just stupid. His actual, real-life name is Kenneth Jameson Hart. (I put Jameson in there to look more fancy). It turns out that there are two different people with the name kingdedede

His theme when he gets mad in chat03:01

His theme when he gets mad in chat.

At the age of 2, he suffered Brain Damage, making him slightly insane.

He's started other accounts recently. Such as Magentaguy, KILLYOU, ThreatName, I.M.Meen, and Soda Pop. He considers himself a critic of Youtube Poop (Although he's never made one). His only friend he's made on Miiverse is Fireyoshi (Derp_is_life20XX). He always keeps a Cyanide tablet under his pillow. He is Italian and has a real-life New York accent. He has a bad habit of getting into arguments. He is a grammar Nazi. Hates most things. Is allergic to cats. Only likes music from the 1900s. Changed his theme song to be Chemical World Intermission by Blur Rather then Red Zone from some anime and the Masked Dedede theme from Triple Deluxe. Resides in New Jersey. Hates all Five Nights At Freddies fans. He constantly says that Jake (NNID BlueSword420)(Who is banned) is his senpai. Is currently working on a fanfiction about Mr. Krabs Teaming Up with Super Macho Man to fight Nazis

Intensive Gaston Unit02:02

Intensive Gaston Unit

His Happy Song

. Has a strange obsession with Ant. He has won the Jeff and Paul award in excellence in shopping centres. After about a year or so, he hit 100 followers. He also predicts a conflict between King Adam and himself. Constantly refers to Omega Star as "Fabric". Considers himself to be the actual Super Macho Man. Although his Mii Name is King Dedede, his favourite game franchise is Punch Out. When he is not being Pendus123, he is Lefou from Beauty and The Beast.

He's Console Banned on Wii U

More yes than ever

pls don't

Also is getting close to quitting Miiverse for good.

Also, due to his New York/Italian roots, he has quite the Potty Mouth.


  • "You're getting a free sample of LSD!"
  • "I haven't seen such Lunacy since I banned my crazy cousin Walrus Guy!"
  • "The YTC is a lot like Roblox, everybody there is stupid."
  • "You remind me of Hoii back when I was in SUE"
  • "Link X Wii Fit Trainer. Shipping it"
  • "Dispenser here!"
  • "Proceed with the enlargement action!"
  • "Five miles of my Spaghetti are plugged with children"
  • "Imma surveyiroah coc Coc COC! There's no palpalmah ss ss ss ss. Wans! Wans! Even Sus!"
  • "It's Kiwi, You FUCK!"
  • I'm the only user that tells you to FUCK OFF!
  • "The cow is dead, quit milking it"
  • "CALL A COCK!"
  • "If I were a furry, I'd be fapping right now."
  • "Mr.Squidward, I think you're trying to seduce me."
  • "That moment when Robotnik seduces you into capturing and torturing a carton of milk so Robotnik can win a game of Eels and Escalators."
  • "Got any drugs? Because Scarface is getting worried."
  • "Daily Reminder that Geico is proud to be serving the US Military for over 75 years"
  • "Remember Kids, an Apple a day keeps the Sunshine away."
  • "I actually used to live in Northern Brazil, until I fucked with Pueblo, leader of the Paul Bunion Gang. I had to move to New Jersey to be safe from them."
  • "Michael Rosen ain't got shit on Gaston"
  • "oh yeah, mr krabs"
  • "Sex is Bad. TF2 is good."
  • "The Worst way to Die. Pendus123~ Killed By Ponies"
Blur - Intermission02:30

Blur - Intermission

His Theme Song


KillYou was, without a doubt, his most popular account. For one full day, he followed many users. A lot of those users were irritated by what he did. A few people were legitimately afraid of him. His evil-doings got a few users banned. Arguments ensued over his account. By the end of the day, however, he gave away the account's password. He went to sleep afterwards, so he never saw the communities reaction. A majority of the posts he saw, however, were posts about hating black people, such as Obama. (I don't have a problem with black people.)


MagentaGuy was accidentally created whilst trolling an FNAF RP. It happened when he said "I prefer Magenta Guy over Purple Guy." The next day, MagentaGuy was born. He used it mainly to troll The YTC. After about 3 days, he got 2-weeked. BUT HE'S BACK!!!!!!

Users He's Angered

  • Shellumbia
  • Anounymous
  • RyuAsh (Which he regrets after hearing the conflict between bowserbigestfan and herself)
  • Quote
  • The Majority of the Fnaf Fanbase
  • The entire Youtube Community
  • Margaret (The vegan)
  • Markiplier's fanbase (I know he's not a user, but I just did)
  • (Almost) Dr. Bob


He says that his nickname is Pendus. His Le Miiverse Resource account's name is Pendus123 and his I.M. Meen NNID is Pendus123. Nobody knows why he goes by Pendus, until now. His name takes after Penadius Dioscorides, a Physician who studied Cannabis(weed) in Ancient Rome. SHOVE THAT KNOWLEDGE DOWN YOUR THROAT.

Publicity Stunts

He, as you may know, is not popular. Or at least not as popular as he wished to be. He attempted to get publicity only once as he performed his KILLYOU Stunt.

It wasn't very successful.

He hasn't attempted any other Publicity Stunts since the Incident


He's been the topic of a handful of Controversies, Most recent being the attack on the Fnaf RP Wiki with some others (which he shortly afterward apologized for on the wiki.) He can't confirm whether incidents like these will continue, but he's working on stopping these problems.


His one and only true Husbando, Gaston.

Present Day

\You can find him snooping around here on LMR quite often. But, if you express a desire to play TF2 and other Steam Games with him, his Steam ID is Super Macho Man.

Please play with me I'm lonely

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