King Cringe

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NNID LordOfDankMemes (Banned)
Age 14
Joined 26/12/13
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 73
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday October 16
Alts Margil123 (Permabanned) FurryAndProud

Cringie (previously known as QueenCringe, KingCringe, BasedFurry and Some Furry) is a Miiverse user.

Miiverse History

Cringie has gone by many different aliases over time. He has also posted in the original Super Smash Bros Community 5 times. He used to be known as AndyFTW, who posted mostly in the YTC.

Then 1 day he decided to make Lame Furry (Eventually going by Some Furry and BasedFurry). Originally, He wanted to be a troll account that mocked furries on Miiverse by drawing and begging for yeahs. But in reality he just posted plain silly stuff , like trying to yiff Isabelle, saying Nintendo hates furries for not adding Krystal in smash bros. This went on for about a week before realizing that he wasn't even trying at all. Then he decided to go to the Wii Fit U Community to post some jokes and serious posts. He wasn't active that much until June 2015, where his popularity slightly rose from obscurity.

He didn't become a Miiverse addict until July. Then 2 days before the Miiverse Redesign, he was banned for 2 weeks. After crying for 20 minutes, he realized he had a dusty ol' 3ds, and the decided to make another account to enjoy those 2 last days of being in The Wii Fit U Community. Shortly after he created the alt, he decided he would go by the name "KingCringe" a promethou of King and Cringe, he doesn't know why he went by that name though, it just sounded cool and used it because he's a furry.

On 9/11 his main account was permabanned.

He says he will no longer make Wii U accounts because he doesn't want his gameplay and brother to be banned (Despite being linked with it)

King Cringe Today

Nowadays, King Cringe is just you typical trashposter in the New Super Luigi U Community.

Despite being a furry, he has a generally positive reception on the community. And is still on his way to get 100 followers on Miiverse.

The many faces of KingCringe



Memorable quotes

  • "On the internet, no one you're a anthropomorphic brown fox"
  • "For every good fandom, there's a hundred idiots who will make it look bad"
  • "I'm a furry, minion-loving brony, I love spraying minions on people's houses,all while wearing my fursuit and forcing them to watch MLP"
  • "Undank"- Him whenever he sees a "dank" meme.
  • "IMA GONNA CALL THE MEME POLICE"- when someone steals his post.

Facts about him that you didn't want to know

  • Despite his NNID being "LordOfDankMemes", he thinks dank memes try too hard to be funny.
  • He created  the Shrek 5: Too many Shreks meme, which lasted for just an hour.
  • He also has an amiibo collection, with a whooping 16 amiibo. (Mario (Smash),Megaman, Sonic, Diddy Kong, Pikachu, Kirby, Marth, Sheik, Peach (Smash), Silver Mario, Toon Link, Luigi (Smash), Link, Bowser (Smash), Toad and Olimar.
  • He liked these so-called "abominations" like Minions, Pixels, The Bard and many more.
  • He's kinda like Mario IRL, He's a Mexican that speaks English, looks like an American..
  • He's from Mexico.
  • He likes memes, BUT only a few.
  • He has been regarded as a "favorite user" by Nahtatroll, King Bob and MiniK.

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