Kicking Babies
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The Kick a Baby/Kicking Baby/Is Safe meme is a meme started in the Mighty Switch Force 2 communities. It was started(In the SSB community) by Roxy "Rocks-anne" Roxanne (Roxaine/§¤§★Tomboy/Daisy/Chrissa Wu/Nuggetz) because the game allows the player to kick babies, cause that's how you rescue them. Though it was occasionally seen in the Super Smash Bros. Series community.
Mighty Switch Force! 2 Trailer-0

Mighty Switch Force! 2 Trailer-0

Official Trailer, music is called Glow.

 It all began with "some post I just saw" and even had 'Eating Sakurai is Safe' post.(trailer in the bottom) 

Mighty Switch Force! 2 is a puzzle platformer developed by WayForward Technologies for the Nintendo 3DS . It is the fourth game in WayForward's Mighty series and the sequel to 2011's Mighty Switch Force!. The game was released on the Nintendo eShop on June 13, 2013 in North America and in PAL regions on June 27, 2013. The game was later released for the Wii U in October 2013.

The meme was also ended by the creator as well, but it still goes on and on in the MSF community. This game is jokingly called Maga Swetch Farce by some.


Of course, there were users who did not like this meme and call this "Downhill". Well, they usually say the community went down hill because the meme was about kicking infants into the air even.


*Kicks baby* Your safe! *Eats Sakurai* Eating sakurai is safe.

Baby Kicking Simulator

This was a part of the meme, when it last made an appearance in the Super Smash Bros. community. One of the "fans" of this meme decided to make a Hashtag called #BabyKickingSimulator. Like the Peacock request there were little post about it, but it would die out very soon. 


The meme ended, sadly for some, due to being reported. The creator of the meme wasn't mad about being reported, she took it okay.

Many users said kick the baby and never get reported, but managed to get a few Yeahs. The originator does not allow anyone to use this meme outside any Wayforward communities. For their safety, and to avoid being reported.

People actually seemed careless, while others were calm when being reported.

Users Who Participated

  • Creator and Ender:Roxy (Rocks-anne) Roxanne
  • Fan:Berenice
  • Fan:Nick
  • BabyKickingSimulator and Fan: Possibly 40% of the fans
  • Fan:Steven and three more Stevens
  • Ally and friend of creator:VC/edward ken/c.deadpool
  • Maybe a participater/fan: Tony
  • Baby Kicking Simulator: Ben
  • Others: Everyone in the Mighty Switch Force! 2 communities

About the Creator

Roxy "Rocks-anne" Roxanne, or Roxaine the Tomboy, is known as a mighty Viking who loves Mighty Switch Force, and kicking babies. She started this meme in the Super Smash Bros. Series community with: "Fact: Kicking a baby is safe" which got many posts with this as a quotation and "-some post I just saw".

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