NNID KersiusArtist
Joined Before August 2014
Community YouTube Community/NLSU
Followers 282
System(s) owned SO Wiiu SO N3ds
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

Kersius, also known in the past as Jex, Cerosus, and Dragish, is a artist on Miiverse. His goal is to just make his fellow Miiversians smile, laugh or even cringe with his idiotic drawings. He currently has 282+ followers.


Kersius started in the Chibi-Robo Photo Finder Community for his love for the game and made a few Chibi-Robo posts. He then got bored of the inactivity in this community and moved to the Smash Community. His first post was a simple picture making fun of the people who wanted Goku in Sm4sh. After that, he started taking drawing requests and more drawings making fun of the happenings in this meme filled community.

He did this for sometime he tired to do #MiiverseAfterDark drawings like The Bard, but it wasn't histhing. In the middle of August 2014, he started putting posts in the Youtube Community where most of his activity is now.

He made a small group of friends from RP's in the pasr, but does not enjoy RP's as much anymore. Most of his old friends have gone offline, but he has his close friend Lord Xcano. After a while he started gaining followers but on June 31st he is banned for two weeks for completely idiotic reasons. After reseting his 3DS NNID out of fear of getting console banned, he is now online with his friends and followers in the Youtube Community.

Most of his content now consists of little two panel comics about small details in games he finds funny, posts making fun of the general Miiverse community, and random doodles/sketches.

You can find this person at]

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