NNID KayleighChanArt
Age 14
Joined 2012 December
Community PAA, PKMN Communities, NSLC and YTC
Followers 300+
System(s) owned SO N3ds
Birthday 21st of August
Alts None as of current
Kay is a Miiverse user known as ☆•★καγ★•☆. She currently posts drawings on the NSLC, YTC and PAA communities.

Basic Information

Kay is 14 years old and joined Miiverse sometime in 2014 and has gone through 4 accounts, all of which are owned on 4 different 3DS's, due to haven lost each, or breaking them.

On Kay's old accounts, she had 200 followers, 400 followers, and a short lived amount of 200 followers again. She currently has 330+ Followers.

Kay is very much friendly with most users, however she is also cold and harsh to the rest.

Popular Posts

Friends from Miiverse

Kay knew several users via Miiverse, Isa-Chan, Verbally-Inescapable and Haru, however none of them come here anymore.

She has an overly good amount of friends.

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