2tv14qwf2xb87 normal face
NNID katierocks101
Age 12
Joined 7/11/14
Community YouTube Community

New Super Luigi U Community

Followers About 400
System(s) owned SO N3ds

SO Wiiu

Birthday 7/21
Alts Ilovemusic7214, gamergirl7214, mangakitty109, kt7214, and katierocks101

Kate, also known as katierocks101, is not a well known user. She started in The Legend of Zelda Series Community, but moved to the YouTube Community after the Smashers invaded. Her yeah average was 10-17 yeahs. Most of the time, she posted things such as "That moment when ____" or copied any meme she came across on a site other than Miiverse. She is obsessed with anime. She was permanently banned on July 28th, 2015.

The Plan

On July 27th, 2015, Kate came up with an idea to "save Miiverse". Her plan was that if everyone would stop posting off-topic, it would defeat the purpose of the redesign and Nintendo would remove it. She went back and forth from the YouTube Community, the Legend of Zelda Series Community, and the Wii Fit U Community telling everyone her plan.

The next day, she came across a user known as Dylpickles. They agreed that they should report bomb the Wii Fit U Community until the off-topic posts are gone. Dylpickles made the mistake of announcing he was going to report all off-topic posts. Everyone immediately began to hate him and report the post he announced this on. One user eventually found the post that the two users had made their agreement on, and reported all of her recent posts. She was permanently banned in minutes.


  • Alex (marexander) (She is no longer friends with this person, although he was one of the people closest to her during the time she was on Miiverse.)
  • Nick (goldenmario99999)
  • Madison (dleblanc519)
  • Sydney (marylandgirl226)

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