Karory's current Mii
NNID Fallen_Wing

Yuuki_542 (Perma'd Wii U)

Age 19
Joined Unknown
Community New Super Luigi U Community

My Farm Community GER Bremen Club

Followers 3,967
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday July 10th
Alts Fallen_Wing

Karory (Fallen_Wing) is a semi-famous user, mainly because of his drawings on Miiverse. He switches his community frequently between the New Super Luigi U Community, My Farm Community, and GER Bremen Club. Karory quit Miiverse sometime in 2015, but returned soon after in November of that year. Karory quit the New Super Luigi U Community for a bit because people were apparently not treating him with respect and kindness.

Leaving and Return

Karory quit Miiverse on January 27th, 2015. Some users believe he will come back because he came back the other time he said he was quitting Miiverse. However, he came back from this, and is currently using Miiverse again. He says the only reason he still uses Miiverse is because his friends still use it.


  • "This place is a disgrace to father Sakurai. :^)"
  • "I feel bad trolling someone on GTA5... in another way I feel great."
  • "Me and Santa were watching Friends. See kids Santa is real."
  • "Most of the people I talked to are permanently banned and I got bored."


  • He is actually Japanese.
  • His profile says his birthday is December 7th, but Karory has confirmed that it is actually July 10th.