NNID CurbaeXJustDaf
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community New Super Luigi U
Followers 127
System(s) owned SO N3ds
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

JustDaf (CurbaeXJustDaf) is a 3DS user that usually posts around a few times a week, or any time he can post. He is part of the Ginger Ale Gang with Ruth and Gio. He has a love for the Pokemon Furret, and he really loves Zinnia. He is apparently Zephyr's evil brother from Evil Town, Texas and brothers with Travis (NOT IRL). He is on his 5th account.

Daf's the 6th Gym leader of the Miiverse Pokemon League, his favorite region is Hoenn.



  • "I am the Roach King!"
  • "My LMR page grows slowly the more I post, it's MAGIC!"
  • "I use soap."
  • "#1 Rule, don't give beer to Charizards."

The Cinnamon Chat Post (You copy and paste on chat.)

[c #989c98]~[/c] [b][c #20b036]NAME 1[/c] [c #989c98] puts his cinnamon in [/c] [c #20b036]NAME 2.[/c] [c #989c98]Mmmmmmmmmm! (Lenny) [/c][/b] [c #989c98]~[/c]


  • Started the Furret meme, January 29, 2015
  • Started *_____ in an epic fashion * meme. February 7, 2015


Ships with JustDaf

  • JustDaf X Curva (AKA JustBae X Curbae)

Ships with OCs

  • Billy Casket X Isreal (Saturn's OC)


  • Zinnia (Pokemon ORAS)
  • Stocking Anarchy


His Voice

Original Characters (Donut Steel!)


Just Daf Drawing

The very OC that name this user, Daf is a dimensional being called Multi, Multis are immortal, can summon any weapon at will (only one at a time) and can travel through Time and Dimensions. Daf bleeds ginger ale Due to wishing for infinite ginger ale, obviously it back fired.

Billy Casket


A serial killer that have blades that can kill anything (including Multis and Gods). He likes to scream his name and repeat stab. He has a ghost hunter conscience named Billy Ghost which is basically his complete opposite. He hates Creepypasta characters.

Billy Ghost

A paranotmal investigator extraordinaire, he hunts ghost and mythical beings alike. Ghost is usually nervous around stronger characters unless provoked, he has a paranormal light ray which can kill paranormal entities, it only paralyses humans.


  • Daf is a former member of Scarf Heroes, and was a former chat moderator on the Scarf Heroes wiki.
  • His favorite band is Two Door Cinema Club and he will attempt to get others into them.
  • He owns a NES controller snapback.
  • He is in a relationship with Ambruh.
  • He does not curse.
  • He will rant like a madman even though he knows nothing about the topic.
  • He likes alternative rock and will not accept people who dont like the genre.
  • Daf used to talk in PMs with IsaChan in LMR chat, no one knows what they chat about.
  • Likes Rps as long as they are good rps. (No Sonic OCs, No Romance, etc.)
  • There's an urban legend that he has a cult called the Church of Furret, he has no say in the matter.


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