Oh Peanuts

—A catchphrase of June's
NNID SilverLover06
Age Unknown
Joined 12/30/12
Community NSLU

Wii Sports Club

Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday Unknown
Alts GoofyfanG56

♪★Jυηε★♪ (NNID: SilverLover06), (Mostly known as simply June) is a Miiverse user that joined in December 30th, 2012. Her current account is SilverLover06, with her GoofyfanG56.account being permabanned.

The communities she posts in are usually any community, although she has posted quite a few number of posts in the Smash Community.. Her posts usually include her OC's, June, Yoshi Bot, Bleu and Bloody the Piranha Plant, though sometimes her posts won't contain the four characters. On her GoofyfanG56 account, she gained over 1500 followers, and on her SilverLover06 account, over 400. There has also been a meme/fad in the Smash Community about June, called #JuneisAlwaysRight.

June's current favorite post/profile picture.


  • Ludwig

    Ludwig von Koopa, a character from the Mario series that June loves.

    June's first post

    June's first post ever on Miiverse, posted in the Nintendo Land Community.

    She considers herself the most fabulous ever. She even sometimes refers herself as the queen of fabulousness.
  • She often attracts flirters on her posts. It occured way more back then, but it still happens every now and then.
  • She usually fangirls over Ludwig von Koopa and a whole lot of other characters.
  • Her favorite video games of all time are Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World.
  • Most of the games she's played are Mario games. It's even her favorite video game series.
  • She's actually a male.