NNID joobacca
Age 18
Joined Unknown
Community New Super Luigi U
Followers 739
System(s) owned Wii U
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

Well, the main reason I joined miiverse is so I could get my drawings noticed. But due to the new update, that feat is impossible. And with those words, I bid you all farewell. See you on the other side -Joobacca

—His parting words from Miiverse

Joobacca is a user that would be considered a Smasher. He posts in the New Super Luigi U Community and on rare occasions, the YouTube Community. He always creates comedic posts and often makes drawings of himself, which usually has dialogue associated with it. So far, this user has made 3,199 posts, has Yeah'd 3,841 things and has 735 Followers. He is very friendly and extremely supportive. His so-called current theme is "Solstice-(NES)- Title Theme" and is the apparent cousin of popular user Sheepy.

You can see his profile here .


He enjoys making drawings of himself and interacting with the community in fun and entertaining ways. His ambition and goals on Miiverse is to rise the ranks while making as many friends as possible. He has many close friends, Sheepy and Joey to name a few.



His drawing commented on how the south doesn't get snow.

He has many drawings that involved himself, where he makes clever or funny remarks on things. He participates in drawing events such as Bikini Day and many more. His current Mii is an Kawaii Desuu version of himself.
ZlCfzSvHsYQ3qa ONg

His amazing pixel art.

Photo on 1-12-14 at 3.45 PM

This is Joobacca. ALL HAIL


  • He has over 550+ Followers.
  • He is a goat, but now that he's Kawaii, it's currently an Kawaii goat.
  • He's Jewish.
  • He has been a Club Penguin Champion for 175 years.
  • He's Sheepy's cousin.
  • He has a theme song.
  • He is console banned. R.I.P in kawaii goats.

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