Hey, isn't that the guy who kept complaining about religious discrimination?

Why yes... Yes it is.

—Jonah's Profile Comment
3akmw2el29xf5 normal face-1
NNID temflakes
Age 15
Joined 12-30-13
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 8
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday 12/29
Alts scarth64 (perma banned)

spine_tingler (perma banned)

Jonah is a rather unpopular Miiverse user. He had origins as a Scribbler, arrow poster, and semi-smasher before deciding to stick with posting at the New Super Luigi U Community.


  • He is one of the main contributors on the ScribblersDen DeviantArt page.
  • He claims he is bad at Smash, as his win rate is 21%.
  • He claims that his parents use parental controls to restrict him creating new accounts, so one more ban is basically the equivalent of a console ban for him.
  • He owns both a Wii U and 3DS but mostly uses the 3DS.
  • He was once part of an anti-troll group and has previously stated that he is very ashamed of this fact.
  • Jonah's LMR profile is Scarth64.
  • He has an Eeveelution fetish, as seen in his previous profile pics.

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