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Age 26
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System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday March 25th, 1990
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JonTron is a popular YouTuber who reviews and talks about games. He's known for his reviewing show, "The JonTron Show", and his former collaborative channel "Game Grumps" where he used to play a variety of games with co-founder Egoraptor. He has spawned multiple memes such as "ECH" and "What the FUCK IS A SONIC!?", and has been infamous for his exaggerated reactions to moments in shows, movies, or games (which are normally turned into GIFs and used on sites such as LMR).


JonTron made his first post on the New Super Mario Bros U community on 11/29/12, the post was hand written and said "REDX IT." Jon mostly posted in the Game&Wario and SKETCH ARTWORK communities.


JonTron is one of the most popular content creators on YouTube, as he has garnered over 2 million subscribers through the years and averages over a million views per video on his solo account JonTronShow. Jon creates comedic videos of him reviewing games, shows, and movies, ranging from Titanic: The Legend Goes On , to Bubsy 3D , to the Goosebumps made for TV show. He also has made special episodes for particular topics, such as a 9 part Star Wars themed series where he delves into the terrible side of Star Wars memorabilia and a series on Food Games for Thanksgiving.

He also is the co-founder of highly successful collaborative channel Game Grumps, where he formerly played games and performed skits with fellow YouTuber Egoraptor. However, after around a year of gaming, JonTron left the channel to focus on his solo channel, along with the fact that he was moving to New York. He soon was "mourned" by Egoraptor and Game Grumps fans everywhere with a video named "Ode to Jon" (YT: Ode to Jon - Game Grumps), which featured clips of Jon saying he was leaving, as well as the introduction of Jon's replacement, Danny (AKA Danny Sexbang).

"Acknowledge JonTron" Controversy

When JonTron left Game Grumps, he left in a very suspicious manner, as the switch was abrupt and none of the Game Grumps mentioned him afterwards. It was theorized that something had happened between Jon and Arin (Egoraptor), though nothing was confirmed... until a certain Miiverse post came along.

On August 21st of 2014, the Game Grumps channel uploaded Episode 18 of their Super Mario 3D World playthrough. It seemed to be a regular Arin and Dan episode, but in the end that wasn't the case. About 8:50 seconds into the video, a Miiverse post made by "jakey mii" shows up, which looked completely normal. However, someone who was looking through the video because of another drawing that someone thought looked suspicious noticed that jakey mii's post icon was one pixel smaller than the rest. Then someone else from the /r/ConspiracyGrumps subreddit went through 4 months of in-game posts to find that the jakey mii post was from a different level than the one that the Game Grumps played, and in its original place in the video was a different post that said "Game Grumps, Acknowledge Jontron". This was proof that Barry, the show's editor, edited in jakey mii's post over the JonTron post to hide something. All of this happened because Miiverse stepped in.

Miiverse Posts/Drawings

Reaction GIFS

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