Pootis★Star is my favorite Star

—The sexy beast himself
Not a cool guy
His current Mii
NNID LankyDaMan


Age 13
Joined Early November on first account was his first post. Never posted on the Smash community, but was around at that time.
Community Wii Fit U
Followers 406
System(s) owned Both, but on different accounts
Birthday Unknown
Alts ChaosFrank75


Jon-min (NNID: LankyDaMan) is a Miiverse user who joined in late 2014, despite having a Wii U much longer. He usually draws and talks about Team Fortress 2, his favorite FPS of all time. He currently has 400+ followers.


Moronic Beginnings

He started out as simply Connor, with Jon-min as an alt. A user named Kev had called him unfunny for talking about Shrek, which he took way too seriously. After a while, he was banned, and created an alt, with a Mii of Lanky Kong. He was sure Kev had false reported him, and started posting about it. It was later revealed that Kev had not false reported him, but it was because he began to swear a lot. He then became a full on memer in the Wii Fit U Community.

Swing and a Mick

Some time around Valentine's Day, Lanky had found a user named Mick complaining about how off-topic the community was. He then created his comet to destroy all the off-topic posts. Lanky then retaliated by creating his own comet, known as Lanky's Comet. Before Lanky's Comet struck Mick's comet, Lanky was banned for posting Doge text art, much report, not wow. In between the ban, Lanky was voted to be president of the Wii Fit U community. Leaving him to create another alt, know as Cannur, on a seperate Wii U to insure he has an account in case of a CB. Left on Alt Island, Cannur was left to deal with the return of #MAD and Marioman57, causing a major uproar.

Revenge of the Lanky

A short while later, Lanky was unbanned, only to do nothing worth stating. He later changed his name to HE, because he can.

Another Ban

Much later, he changed his Mii to Jon-min, because he can, he was trolling a person asking for a Mii rating, and she was salty af, so she reported him.

Today Life

He normally posts about TF2, memes, and draws on weekends occasionally. That's pretty much it.



  • "If real life characters turned into game characters can be in Smash, I'm voting for Michael Jackson."
  • "What about Stacy's Mom?"
  • "NO2 made a naughty joke."
  • "Sonichu confirmed for SSB4 DLC at E3"
  • "There's no Lego Star Wars tier list"

Art Gallery


  • He is an anti-Ridley.
  • He likes Pajama Sam, but who doesn't?
  • He obsesses over TF2.
  • His favorite TF2 classes are the Pyro and Soldier.
  • He is SluggishTheMan8 on Wikia.
  • His friend code is 0345 0016 9911.
  • He loves Sponge (the bootleg Mario Brother).
  • He plans on streaming Tomodachi Life in December of 2015.

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