John Cena
John Cena
Site it originated from Unknown
Status Alive
NSFW? Maybe
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John Cena is a meme/fad on Miiverse. Specifically in the Super Luigi U community. It is also a popular vine that makes fun of the 13 time WWE Champion John Cena. The meme/fad is based around the WWE wrestler John Cena and started sometime in August 2015. This was probably due to the fact that WWE summerslam was taking place the same month. The meme/fad is used in many ways such as asking John Cena to be in smash or just saying his name really long in the style of the wrestling announcer. Because the meme/fad is connected to WWE it helped the rise of similar fads about other wrestlers such as Brock Lesner, the Undertaker and the manager Paul Heyman.

On this wiki there is a bit that parodies John Cena, it replaces his head with Donkey Kong's head and is called Dong Cena. There are many gifs similar to this one such as Paul Heyman and Brock Lesner gifs that are used on LMR too.


  • "The Champ is here."
  • "John Cena for Smash Bros."
  • " Joooooohn Ceeeeeenaaaaaa!"
  • "We're not talking about this, or this, we're talking about JOHN CENAAA!"
  • "Luke, I am JOHN CENAAAA!!!"


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