NNID Trollestia90
Age 13
Joined March 26, 2014
Community New Super Luigi U
Followers 155
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday December 17

Johan (Trollestia90) is a normal user in Miiverse. He is a Nintendo fan with his favorite franchise being the Legend of Zelda. He is currently in the New Super Luigi U Community with the Smashers. His favorite game on 3DS is Fire Emblem: Fates, while his on Wii U is Xenoblade Chronicles X.

He doesn't go to Miiverse much because he thinks it's gotten boring in there. He rarely post now.


  • "Remember squids, spamming C'mon! will most likely wont help you!"
  • "When will people learn that Splatoon is something very different from any other shooters?"
  • "Why is the Wii Mini a thing?"
  • "Im still waiting for that Splatoon x Super Mario Sunshine DLC."


  • Johan got his first administration notification when he had just started Miiverse.
  • He is a cringy kid.

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