U6i2ajh79cpd normal face
Age 19
Joined May 2014
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 226
System(s) owned SO WiiuSO N3ds
Birthday April 4
Alts Tailsman54

Noice :)

—Joey, all the time when he used to come onto the LMR chat.

Joey was a very power-hungry user that was very abusive to those that weren't one of his mindless slaves. He is a catfish that went by his female OC "Alyssa". At first, he began making little series of his for users to look forward to every single day, to which he was dedicated to. He then created Alyssa and "roleplayed" as her for attention to himself.

Whenever he did made a post, he always had the smiling expression and had a very positive outlook on things. He was banned during his sacrifice against the Midna attack that one night. His reasoning was that if anyone would fall to the Zelda community, it should be him. Before his ban, he shut JMM down because he was apparently very busy. He never finished his 200 Followers Project.

He quit this wiki to train to become a police officer, which never happened of course. Joey later made a wikia called Scarf Heroes, which is a train wreck.

He also hadn't let go of Alyssa, apparently, and went as far as to becoming her again. He also uses his "disorder" as a tool to get what he wants.


He began his Miiverse journey posting on the Pikmin 3 Community. He started little series of his to gain somewhat popularity. His very first was Joe's Trivia of the Day. He followed that with Pikmin Fact of the Day. Eventually, he moved fully to the Super Smash Bros. Community and began series there. Those were Joe's Nostalgia of the Day, Joe's N64 Music of the Day and finally, Joe's Music Mix.

Box Art

Mario Kart

He eventually purchased Art Academy: Sketchpad to demonstrate his drawing potential. He gained so much popularity after drawing his Nintendo 64 North American box art. Each of them getting well over one hundred yeahs. J-Der recently made an homage to Joey by drawing him painting some box art while listening to music.



  • Joey doesn't really care about those with depression, contrary to popular beliefs.
  • He is also egotistical.

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