NNID Pokelover100
Age 15
Joined 5/29/15
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 39
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday June 16
Alts Django~ (Pokelover10) and Pokefan (DjangoIn3D)

Jo-Kai is a Miiverse user that posts opinions, gameplay screenshots and occasionally artwork of original characters. He enjoys making people happy and sharing his opinions with Miiverse users all over the world. He plans on making Miiverse Let's Plays that include screenshots and text commentary to engage his audience.

Jo-Kai posts drawings and opinions on anything using either jokes, satire or just post a blunt opinion.

The Good Old Days of 2013

Despite Jo-Kai's current account being made in 2015, his history with Miiverse actually goes back to the year 2013.

Back in February 2013, Jo-Kai was known as Django~ (Pokelover10). When he was known as Django~, he posted plenty of images of his characters and even attempted to make a Pokemon Nuzlocke comic series with his characters, but it was cancelled due to his rather low quality style of his old drawings.

His art style was inspired by kinyo~, mostly due to the charm that appealed to him. Around late 2013, Jo-Kai became friends with kinyo~ and it would lead to him posting more often and striving to improve his art style.

Jo-Kai's art style was rather poor back in 2013, but he enjoyed drawing his character, Saki, and had fun occasionally drawing video game characters when he used the screenshot feature of the Nintendo Wii U.

The Golden Age 2014

Around early 2014, Jo-Kai watched episodes of the "Worst Posts of Miiverse" series, made by the Miiverse user, Giga Gamby. After being impressed by Giga Gamby's videos, Jo-Kai became motivated to write a Miiverse fanfiction named Miiverse Drama Madness. Miiverse Drama Madness was a fanfiction series that was similar to the Worst Posts on Miiverse video, except it was a lot more dramatic and used different types of comedy. As the series went on, the fanfiction slowly got more and more popular on Miiverse as Jo-Kai got requests for people to be in the fanfiction.

The fanfiction quickly caught the attention of Giga Gamby and was happy that there was a fanfiction inspired by his works. When the 4th chapter of Miiverse Drama Madness released, under the name "Welcome to Miiverse", Giga Gamby contacted Jo-Kai and asked him if he could use the chapter as a script in order to revive an old project of his. The chapter would later help create the video known today as "Welcome to Miiverse." Giga Gamby and Jo-Kai had since been close friends.

In mid-2014, Jo-Kai's art and writing style slowly improved and made more friends, one of them is Nightwish.

After the Welcome to Miiverse video released, the Django~ account would soon receive a noticeable surge of followers.

When 2014 ended, the Django~ account had around 290 followers, an increase from 50 followers back in 2013.

2015: A New Beginning

In 2015, Jo-Kai became a lot busier with school and had less time to draw his characters in his Miiverse account. Still, he was able to make text posts.

Jo-Kai seemed to have a rather pleasant ride with his Django~ account, he had over 300 followers, his posts had plenty of Yeahs and he made more and more friends. However, he was not immune to the wrath of the administrators, his posts would get taken down by the administrators and the final nail in the Django~ accounts's coffin was hammered when he had the audacity to post his Colors 3D account name on his profile. On May 29, Django was permanently banned, forever gone.

But, Django~ didn't give up. On May 29, 2015, Django's new account, Jo-Kai, was opened. Jo-Kai had since been trying to manage time in order to post more artwork on Miiverse and more engaging posts in general

Today, while Jo-Kai doesn't have a ton of followers, he's grateful for his time on Miiverse. Miiverse may be far from a perfect social media network, but it gave Jo-Kai to voice his thoughts, it gave him new friends, it gave him a chance... to have fun.


  • In real life, Jo-Kai is currently a high school student that had hopes to be a game designer at Nintendo,. Since then, he stopped being delusional and now has more realistic hopes of being an animator.
  • Jo-Kai also posts his thoughts on other social media accounts such as Twitter and his Wordpress website. To this day, he still posts artwork on his Colors 3D account.
  • Jo-Kai was friends with SkeloYe, but due to SkeloYe wanting to date girls on the internet and Jo-Kai and Giga Gamby disagreeing with his attitude, SkeloYe considered Jo-Kai an "asshole", threatened to destroy his router and block him on Twitter. But two years later, the pair later made up and Jo-Kai, Skelo, Giga Gamby and Aqua are all lit dudes now. who the fuck is skelo ye anyways
  • Jo-Kai's very first words on Miiverse, under the name Django~, were "Mario Forever!", with a screenshot of New Super Mario Bros. U.
  • LMR died lol

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