Jc (Chase347)
3fdg359wwm5kq normal face
NNID chase347
Age 15
Joined Unknown
Community NSLU
Followers 345+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu SO N3ds
Birthday 6/29/2001
Alts Unknown

Jc( "Chase" and/or Chase347 on wikia) is a Miiverse user and an Original Smasher. He is now posting with the rest of the Smashers in the New Super Luigi U Community.

3DS friend code (ask him on his Message Wall to add him to your friend lists first.): 4356-1309-8590

History on Miiverse and LMR (Le Miiverse Resource)


After Flipnote Hatena closed down for good, he searches the internet for a website that is similar to the DSi app "Flipnote Studio". He then found a Nintendo Direct containing information on the 3DS app "Flipnote Studio 3D" for the 3DS, but then noticed later that it was not going to release in North America until further notice. On March of 2014, he bought a 3DS XL anyway to play some new games on that system. He never noticed the Miiverse icon and Miiverse until June of 2014, when he saw a couple of posts containing Sakurai's Pic of the Day. He quickly made a NNID and joined Miiverse on June 18th, 2014.

1 month later, after posting constantly in the YouTube Community, he found the Smashers in a community titled "Super Smash Bros Series" Since then, he is considered an Original Smasher and posts in the Super Smash Bros Series, Wii Fit U, and New Super Luigi U Communities.

As of now, he is frequently active on Miiverse and posts on the New Super Luigi U Community with the rest of the Smashers. He is a semi-popular user on the New Super Luigi U Community However, as he has over 340 followers.

You can find him on Miiverse here.

Le Miiverse Resource

On a warm, summer evening on August 14, 2015, he once saw a post on the New Super Luigi U Community stating to go on Le Miiverse Resource. As a result, he went to the Le Miiverse Resource wiki and checked it out. He then noticed that a couple of his Miiverse friends are in a "Live! Chat" on there. He made a wikia account, and went to the live chat. On the first day of going to Le Miiverse Resource's live chat until Late August of 2015, he was a shy user and thought that he won't "fit in" with the users of Le Miiverse Resource. As a result of this, it turns out that he quickly made friends on Le Miiverse Resource. He is still on Le Miiverse Resource today.

On September 7th, 2015, he has announced that he will take a break from Le Miiverse Resource due to school. It was unsure when he will return. About 7 weeks later, he returned to Le Miiverse Resource on October 28th, 2015.

As of now, he is not that quite active on Le Miiverse Resource due to school and stuff happening to his life (and being more active on Miiverse.).

On December 6th, 2015, he has started feeling depression. Because of this, he has announced on Le Miiverse Resource that same day that he will be leaving Le Miiverse Resource behind until further notice. He later stated that he may return sometime in 2016, but not a specific date has been made. This was due to him not being active on the chat, school, stress, and depression. He also left because he is not getting noticed by users when he goes on the chat and he needed some "alone" time to think things straight and to start a fresh new start when he comes back. He also has problems in his life now.

As of now, he is planning on returning near the end of 2016, so be patient!

You can find him on Le Miiverse Resource here.

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