Javier/Charizard/Waddle Doo
NNID holaholaholahola
Age 14
Joined Unknown
Community New Super Luigi U
Followers 299 (180 on new alt)
System(s) owned 3DS
Birthday September 2
Alts JavierREBORN

Javier (NNID: Holaholaholahola) is an unpopular 3DS user. He made many comments and articles on the Wiki. Including Super Smash Bros. Bad requests edition. He often marks his posts as spoilers, just so he could avoid the admins, and often posted on the Super Smash Bros. Community. He finally left Miiverse in 8/25/14. Nobody apparently remembers him.

You could view his profile here, but he posted the password, getting the account a perma. He didn't need it anyway.

His new account is JavierREBORN, with his mii being a Waddle Doo from the Kirby series


He joined Miiverse during the night of 10th of December 2013. He instantly loved it, to the point he used it everyday, he started posting on the Activity Feed and made some awful posts, then, he started to draw.

His first post with yeahs was a bad quality Luigi drawing on the Year of Luigi Community, that got 7 Yeahs.

As an immature user he got in trouble with many trolls, including 3DS Sucks! (another user nobody remembers.)

He also created forgotten memes, most of them failed, the ones that didn't turn out to be bad were "Welcome to Miiverse: Where X" and "How do I get X in Pokémon (insert random Pokémon game)?"

New account

About a year after he officially left Miiverse, he got a New Nintendo 3DS and he made a NNID: JavierREBORN. He didn't expect to use the account at all but he used it for miiverse. He posted on the New Super Luigi U Community, and had a rather normal New Super Luigi U Community life. He occasionally hates on LMR on this account, and he loves to.


3DS Sucks! and Wii U Sucks: because of being a Nintendo fan, he insulted them, and got 6 warnings.

Admins: OH C'MON! He got 23 Warnings and 2 bans. on his new account he only has 3 strikes but still.

Bigley: was a loyal worshipper until he got spammed on the Japanese Community, seriously, even the person who made Bigley popular claims he isn't funny anymore

Shrek: was spammed in one of his posts, he blocked everyone who commented "Shrek" and deleted the post.


  • His profile is unreadable.
  • His ISP changes his IP, like, every week. He doesn't want to create an account, though.
  • His favourite post is great in his eyes.
  • His favourite post has +40 Yeahs.
  • Best known as NobodyKnowsTheJav.

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