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Jathic is a Miiverse user who loves to draw anime-style police cartoons. He also enjoys drawing science fiction and fantasy illustrations. Usually, he posts his drawings in the YouTube Community and occasionally in the NSLU Community. Jathic enjoys roleplaying and has a few OCs of his own.

Role Playing

As stated before, Jathic loves roleplaying. He mostly joins action-based roleplays with his friends. Jathic claims that he does not use "OCs", but instead uses "OOOCs" (Original Original Original Characters). Most of his OCs are based off of police officers and military leaders.

Jathic even participated in the infamous roleplay titled "Randomness Overload" (RO for short), which took place in the now closed Super Smash Bros. Series Community. The roleplay allowed drawings only, and consisted of many Smashers. The roleplay is considered infamous due to many people being banned for drawing sexually explicit pictures. The roleplay became a phenomenon in the strange roleplayer communities, and has since had several sequels, which are hosted by a user named Samuel. While Jathic has not participated in the sequels, his police officer OC is considered a legend in the RO franchise.

Most Used or Iconic Characters

General Tyson Blade and the JAGUAR Forces: General Blade is a stereotypical movie general, but with braver qualities. Normally in RPs, he is leading the JAGUAR (JaTye Armed Guardians of the United Allied Regions) Forces, a fictional Military Organisation based off the American, Australian and British Army. Some RPs only classify JAGUAR as "The Army", "The Military" " International Security" "Military Police" etc. Most RPs have them trying to stamp out supernatural and magical beings. General Blade wears a Black Helmet and a High Ranking Military Uniform.

Captain 700: Captain 700 is technically the only OC Jathoc has. He appears in Randomness Overload, Randomness Overload 2 and The Quest for Miiverse. He is the captain of the QCPD (Queens City Police Department. Queens City is the Capital of Earth in Jathic's comics. He is a James Bond Spoof. Within the series, he attacks with a Baton, SMG, and Magnum. He starts the series with a Suit (James Bond's signiture outfit) and later wears Tactical SWAT Team gear.



Dr. James

Miss. Angel

bloo Rexy






Dr. Greta





  • Jathic was once followed by The Trav
  • He is a legendary figure in the Roleplay world
  • Most of his friends were original participants of RO
  • He has over 100 followers
  • More than likely, you really don't care about any of this.

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